Why Is Aritzia So Expensive?


People in Vancouver, Canada, shop at Aritzia for women’s clothing. Stores may be found all around the nation. People believe the firm is overpriced. In 2016, Bloomberg called it Canada’s most expensive apparel shop. So, Why Is Aritzia So Expensive?

Why Is Aritzia So Expensive?

So why is Aritzia so Expensive?

Let’s look at some of why Aritzia’s pricing is so expensive now that we know a little more about it.

1. Exorbitant Administrative Costs

The company’s very high overhead expenses are one of the key reasons behind Aritzia’s exorbitant pricing. Rent, staff compensation, and marketing charges are just some of the costs retailers must handle.

The main shop of Aritzia in Vancouver is the most costly in the country, with rentals reaching $400 per square foot. In Toronto, the average rent per square foot for a shop is roughly $200.

Aritzia also has an extremely expensive marketing plan, spending millions of dollars on advertising.

2. Specialty Products

Aritzia’s outrageous pricing is also because the store exclusively offers high-end items. Aritzia solely sells its apparel lines, unlike many other boutiques that feature a variety of brands.

Customers will be unable to locate cheaper options in other retailers due to this. They must pay full price if they choose to purchase anything from Aritzia.

3. Exorbitant Salaries

Employee pay at Aritzia is likewise rather high. Aritzia pays its employees an average of $20 per hour, compared to the national average of $13 per hour for retail workers in Canada.

This is most likely due to the company’s ability to do so; in 2016, it recorded earnings of more than $100 million.

4. Restrictive Selection

Finally, a restricted product range is one of the causes behind Aritzia’s expensive costs. Customers will not be able to discover cheaper options elsewhere since the firm exclusively carries its clothes brands.

They must pay full price if they choose to purchase anything from Aritzia.

5. Premium Fabrics

Aritzia’s goods are also noted for their use of high-quality textiles. Wool, cashmere, and silk, which are more costly than the fabrics used by other merchants, are utilized to make the company’s clothes.

Aritzia may not be the ideal location to shop if you’re seeking a bargain. If you’re ready to spend a little extra on high-quality clothing, the shop is worth investigating.

6. Expert Tailoring

Aritzia is also well-known for its impeccable tailoring. Clothing from the brand is consistently well-made and well-fitting.

This meticulous attention to detail is one of the reasons behind Aritzia’s exorbitant pricing.

7. Demand is High

Finally, Aritzia’s high pricing reflects the retailer’s great demand.

Customers who are ready to spend more for the company’s clothing than they would in other shops have formed a devoted following.

8. Durability and Quality

Clothing from Aritzia is also noted for its high quality and long-lasting sturdiness. Customers often say that they may use the company’s items for years without showing any wear and tear indications.

Another reason for Aritzia’s high costs is the high expense of high-quality materials and skillful tailoring.

9. Personality traits

The fact that Aritzia’s works are a little more unique, I believe, sets them different. You won’t find anything at Aritzia that you won’t find elsewhere.

Likewise, their merchandise is of excellent quality, ensuring that it will endure for a long time. I believe their pricing accurately represents the high quality and rarity of their items.

10. Affect/Icon of Luxury

Aritzia portrays an opulent image and atmosphere, and its prices reflect this. You’re paying for the brand, the perceived quality, and, in certain cases, the materials utilized (which are generally higher end).

11. Recognizable Brand

Aritzia is a well-known and respected name in the fashion industry. This comes at a cost since purchasers are typically prepared to pay more for anything from a well-known and well-respected brand.

That concludes the discussion. Aritzia’s pricing is excessive for eight reasons. If you’re searching for a less expensive option, consider the other Canadian stores mentioned above.

Aritzia, on the other hand, could be worth checking out if you’re ready to spend a little extra for high-quality clothing that fits well and lasts a long time.

Is Aritzia a Luxury Brand?

Aritzia is a high-end womenswear shop based in Canada. The company’s pricing is well-known for being exorbitant, and it has been accused of pandering to the rich. Is Aritzia a premium brand?

This is a difficult question with no simple solution. On the one hand, Aritzia’s items are expensive, and their clothing is typically considered a status symbol.

On the other hand, the firm lacks the reputation of some of the world’s most well-known luxury fashion companies.

Ultimately, each buyer must determine whether or not Aritzia is a premium brand.

Some individuals would never consider buying goods from the company, while others regard it as a good investment.


So, what’s the deal with Aritzia being so expensive? Several factors contribute to this. To begin with, the company’s garments have a 400 percent markup on average. That implies the corporation generates $400 in profit for every $100 worth of garments sold.

Aritzia, on the other hand, solely offers its clothing line. Because the firm does not have to pay someone else to make and sell its garments, it can keep expenses low and prices high.

Aritzia is, after all, a high-end brand. It is aimed at ladies prepared to spend a premium price for better quality clothing.

The company’s costs reflect its reputation for being sophisticated and exclusive.

Is Aritzia, therefore, a good investment? It’s all up to you. However, there’s no denying that the store sells some of Canada’s most costly clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Aritzia so popular?

Poverty reduction, mentoring, and job preparedness are the three pillars it operates. It has given over $36 million in product contributions, financial assistance, and volunteer hours to non-profits and Aritzia Community partners that share its beliefs.

  1. What kind of brand is Aritzia?

Brian Hill created Aritzia Inc. in 1984 in Vancouver, British Columbia, a Canadian women’s fashion business. In Oakridge Centre, a Vancouver-area retail mall, Aritzia provides a range of lifestyle clothing via numerous shops.

  1. Where are Aritzia clothes made?

According to reports, Aritzia clothing and accessories are created in Italy and the United States. Approximately 2000 employees work for the company. Suppliers must pay employees a decent wage and follow all safety regulations, according to a code of conduct released by Aritzia. The company offers recycled and organic cotton items.

Why Is Aritzia So Expensive?

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