Stores Like Aritzia

Are you getting bored of buying only from Aritzia? You want to try something new, but you can’t leave the Aritzia way of serving. So we are giving you the complete list of Stores Like Aritzia that will help you find the same fashion as Aritzia serves you but in a different format.

Stores Like Aritzia

Aritzia is a well-known name in the industry of women’s fashion. It offers a variety of products for women. But it is human nature that we get bored if we use the same brand repeatedly. So in place of Aritza, you can try some other brands like The Frankie Shop, REONA, and some other famous brands that are also on our list, and for that, you need to get deep into our work. So, are you ready to learn about famous products from well-known brands?

What exactly is Aritzia?

Aritzia was originally named Aritzia Inc. and it is a Canada-based women’s fashion brand. It was founded by Brian Hill in the year of 1984 to make clothing products for women, but in the year 2016, the board of Aritzia decided to invest in men’s clothing. So if we call the brand bisexual, then it would not be wrong. In addition to operating a large number of stores in North America and other parts of the United States, it launched its e-commerce site,, in 2012.

So now you have gained sufficient knowledge about Aritzia, but where is the list that we promised to give you at the beginning? It is here just below this heading.

12+ Amazing Stores Similar to Aritzia Stores

  1. Pixie Market-It is a New York-based company that dresses women in her style. And if we compare it with Aritzia, then it gives us sweaters that are cozy and trousers that are structured. So you discovered a lot of things you like.
  2. If you’re looking for classic and party pieces like Aritzia, you’ll find them at Few Moda.
  3. Shopbop: If you’re looking for authenticity and variety, Shopbop has the potential to meet both of your needs. We want to tell you that it is an Amazon-owned retailer which serves its customers the same variety as you can get at Aritzia.
  4. Reformation: Do you want to quit Aritzia due to its sustainability issues? Then you can switch to Reformation because it is a brand that can give the same variety as Aritzia while solving the sustainability issues.
  5. Anthropologie: For women who are keen lovers of the bohemian look, Anthropologie should be their most loved one. Since Aritzia also has a good variety in this category but does not give that level at affordable prices,
  6. Mango-Do you want to have some Spanish look in your wardrobe? Then Mango is that Spanish brand that never leaves its roots. They always stick with those bright colors, which make you ready for vacations in Spain.
  7. Cuyana: Are you one of those who chose Aritzia due to Meghan Markle? Then we would like to tell you that Cuyana is also on Meghan’s fan list. So, for the look of a modern woman, Cuyana has a lot to serve you.
  8. Fisher, Eileen-It has many great products to serve in the category of basics, even though it is called the Queen of Basics. So if you love Artizia for its minimalism, then you should try it once. It can amaze you.
  9. Need Supply: If you’re looking for a brand with a large online following, Need Supply is worth a look. As with connecting through their roots, they have expertise in basics, which is the first quality of Artizia to be loved by its fans.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Aritzia a luxury brand? 

Aritzia is a luxury brand, but it also has many great products for everyday use. As a result, Aritzia is more than just a luxury brand; its primary function is minimalism and functionality. And its fans adore the name solely for this reason.

  • What kind of style is Aritzia?

Aritzia has many great varieties, but the category that makes them famous is elevated, quality-crafted basics. For lovers of fashion, this is a very common term to understand. 

  • Can we know Aritzia’s target market, for whom they serve?

Aritzia has focused on women aged 14 to 30. And in their stores, they mainly sold their brands, like Auxiliary, Beaton, Community, and many others that you may wear now or planning to have on in the future.

So we hope that you will praise our effort and the list of the above nine amazing stores that you can choose in place of Aritzia. All the names listed here have their importance and are loved by their target markets, so you can try them once and find the best suit for you with the same quality and assurance as Aritzia has in their brands.

Stores Like Aritzia

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