Does Hibbett Sports Accept Afterpay financing?

Hibbett Sports, Inc. is an American sports goods retailer company that has its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. Its main focus is in the mid-sized markets in the southeast, lower midwest, and southwest parts of the USA, with most of the stores being in the three states named Texas, Alabama, and Georgia. It offers a good range of sports goods, footwear, and apparel (sports clothes). It was founded in 1945 with a revenue of US $1.08 billion in recent years and around 8000 employees, some of whom were full-timers and some part-timers. The CEO of this company is named Michael E. Longo. There isn’t a lot of history about this company, but just that they started their website in 2017, and 2015 was the year this company got a great boost to their finances.

Does Hibbett Sports Accept Afterpay financing?

Does Hibbett Sports Take Afterpay Financing?

Afterpay Financing is a new great way that companies are using to get more customers who at first could not pay the full price of an expensive item and would just take a cheaper version of that item which didn’t have the quality. Many companies, like Adidas, Best Buy, Pottery Barn, Nike, and Wal-Mart, have started taking afterpay payments to increase their reach of customers.

Hibbett Sports does not take afterpay financing, but they have started taking klarna, which is also a buy now pay later company.

Gift Cards and Voucher:

Hibbett Sports also offers gift cards ranging from $25 to $500 you can use this to pay your bill and also you can send them to your friends and family and these gift cards never expire but once bought they cannot be refunded or returned 

Which Payment Method Can Be Used to Pay for Hibbett Sports?

Hibbett Sports accepts cash, PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

The accepted cards are Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. And now, the latest addition is Klarna.

Payment methods of Hibbett sports

In Store- Hibbett sports offer various methods for payments like if you visit a store you can easily buy the stuff and pay by any debit or credit cards like MASTERCARD, Visa and American express and they also take Discover and many other companies credit cards. They also take Paypal and they also redeem the coupons purchased on the official store of Hibbett sports.

Online- Online payments also accept everything that in-store payments does but in addition to that they also accept Quadpay( which is now called zip) and the newest addition is klarna which is a buy now pay later company so the customers can break their payments into 4 installments in the span of 6 weeks. They also accept the coupons which you can purchase from the official website and one coupon can only be used once.

For getting discounts on the goods you can also become a member of Hibbett sports called as the Hibbett rewards member in this you will get an early access to deals and also get 15% off on products the payment for this is $100+ enrolment offer and also you get $10 off on $50+ sign up coupon when you download and register on the official app of Hibbett sports. 

Does Hibbett Sports use Afterpay for in-store, online or shipping payments?

Hibbett Sports does not accept Afterpay for all possible purchase methods, be it online, in-store, or even shipping methods. Instead, they use another BNPL company called Klarna for all of their company’s buy-now-pay-later transactions.

Does Hibbett Sports offer financing options?

Hibbett sports also allows its customers to pay in installments by klarna which is a similar option to affirm, a bnpl company the company takes the credit score of 600 as its minimum for the eligibility for the financing and this is easy to get as a credit score of 600 is achievable and everyone can take the benefit for it. The interest rate is 8%- 29% for a year and it depends on your credit score. If you have a great credit score your interest will be less and vice versa. The credit score of 750+ is eligible for the 0% interest rate for 12 months policy and after that the interest rates are also very beneficial for them as it ranges from 8-11% for the customer. The person eligible is those who have a job, salary proof and a valid credit card.


So Hibbett sports does not accept afterpay financing but they accept klarna which is also a buy now pay later company and a rival company of afterpay. They use payment methods like paypal and all the credit and debit cards of the finest companies of America. You can also take their gift cards and stuff for payment and gifting them to your friends and family. And the in-store and online purchases have almost the same payment methods just the exception of klarna. 

  1. Does Hibbett sports price match?

No Hibbett sports does not offer price matching.

  1. Does Hibbett sports offer free shipping?

Yes they offer free standard grounding shipping.


Does Hibbett Sports Accept Afterpay financing?

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