Postmates Vs Doordash Which Is Best?


Whether it’s to help one eat healthier, shop for groceries, or dine out with friends, the convenience of food delivery services can’t be beaten. When it comes to choosing which one is best for users, though, it can seem like they all have pretty much the same setup. Postmates and Doordash seem to be the same, with a few key differences that we’ll go over here to help users decide which of them they want to use for all their food delivery needs. Let us findout Postmates vs Doordash which is best ?

For our comparison here, we’re going to focus on two different delivery services: Postmates vs DoorDash. 

Fee Structure and Returns

There are two major differences in the fee structure of Postmates vs DoorDash delivery fees are paid by the customer, while DoorDash’s delivery fees are built into the price of the order. The latter is a better deal for customers and means that one can know exactly how much it will cost before they’ve ordered anything. That being said, Postmates has a lower minimum order amount of $10 than DoorDash, $25 or $30 depending on city and order type, which can be an important consideration if one doesn’t want to spend very much at all. Also, returns on Postmates are free both ways, but with DoorDash it costs $5 for pickup and $5 for delivery.

Application Interface

Both services’ apps are pretty similar, with a few differences. Postmates has a much cleaner and more user-friendly interface, while DoorDash’s is a bit more confusing. If one is working at home or is someone who prefers to do their food delivery in peace, Postmates will be better for them, though both offer this feature. If one likes most people who go out to eat, DoorDash is the better choice here.

Time Commitment

Most of our comparisons here have been between DoorDash’s food delivery and Postmates’ delivery service. That being said, we will also touch on this subject briefly below. In the end, DoorDash’s food delivery service is more time-consuming than Postmates’ delivery service. The time commitment required to build a restaurant profile on DoorDash is around 20+ hours, versus Postmates’ 7 hours. On the other hand, if you’re already an experienced Doordash user, your cooking and delivery experience will likely be better on Postmates than it would be on DoorDash.


Postmates has more availability in a wider range of cities than DoorDash. In the U.S., Postmates is available in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Fort Worth. These cities are all on DoorDash’s list as well; however, they’re also white-listed as areas where DoorDash will only deliver locally and not to customers outside of those areas.

On the other hand, DoorDash is available in cities like Atlanta and Phoenix and some other limited areas, but they’re mostly restricted to their delivery network, it costs more too.

Customer Review

When it comes to customer satisfaction, neither Postmates nor DoorDash is particularly special. With both services, the amount of food is less than promised, order accuracy is a problem, and rider ratings are low. This can be chalked up to the restaurant’s preparedness and timeliness in preparing orders, a problem with all delivery services.

The reason why this section was included in our Postmates vs DoorDash comparison is that we wanted to point out that there isn’t one service that’s a clear winner when it comes to customer service. That being said, if you’re looking for a service that’s going to make you happy on more than one occasion, avoid these two.


Postmates has a slightly higher minimum order amount than DoorDash $10 vs $25 or $30. However, the total cost of delivery on both services is the same. Also, Postmates allows delivery to a wider range of locations that are not available on DoorDash, which can be an important factor to consider if you don’t have access to one of those areas.


With all of that being said, we conclude that Postmates is the better service overall, with DoorDash only offering a potentially better customer service experience. And if a third party tries to tell users otherwise, it’s only because they don’t like either service and want users to keep using them. But as can be seen from the comparison above, some of the aspects depend on the personal taste of the users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Wendy’s available on Postmates?

A: Yes, one can order Wendy’s from Postmates. They have a wide range of restaurants on their app

2. Is Domino’s available on DoorDash?

A: Yes, but only in Phoenix and Arizona! However, they don’t deliver to surrounding cities.

3. Is Chick-fil-A available on Postmates?

A: It depends on where one lives. Postmates is not accepted in all parts of the country, but it is present in some cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

Postmates Vs Doordash Which Is Best?

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