Does Patreon Take Paypal?


Patreon is an American-based membership platform that provides its users with a platform, along with various business tools, to run their subscription service. Patreon as a platform act as an opportunity for content creators and artists to earn a decent monthly income, through the perks and rewards that are provided to their subscribers by Patreon. In addition to a payment processing fee, Patreon also charges its users (creators and artists) a 9 to 12% commission of their monthly income.

Does Patreon Take Paypal?

This article will answer the question: does Patreon accept Paypal?. We will also dwell further into the topic by discussing how a user can use PayPal on Patreon.

We will also shed some light on the topic of payment by discussing the methods of payment that Patreon accepts. 

An Introduction to PayPal 

PayPal Holdings Incorporation, famously known as PayPal, is an American-based multinational financial tech-based company that initiates an online payment system in some of the largest countries across the globe. PayPal serves as a more reliable and easier alternative to the traditional methods of payment such as checks and money orders by supporting online money transfers to several online/in-store companies The company operates as a payment processor for a wide audience, ranging from vendors and auction sites to various other commercial businesses and common people. In return for carrying out these transactions, PayPal charges its users a certain fee.

Payment Methods Used at Patreon 

1) PayPal 

-Paypal is accepted as a valid option of payment at Patreon.

-Users can authorize their PayPal account as a preferred payment method to show support to their favorite creator by subscribing to the creator’s Patreon membership(s). 

-When Patreon processes a user’s payment/payments, they will use the users’ linked PayPal wallet funding source. 

-Users should keep in mind that PayPal requires an instant funding source for continued subscription, which in this case, is a particular creator’s Patreon subscription. However, users should also know that Patreon will not directly access this funding source. Instead., it will always use the users’ PayPal balance first.

-The funding source will be accessed only when there is not enough balance in a user’s PayPal to cover a payment that they wish to carry out. 

-These funding sources range from the user’s bank account to their credit cards. Users are asked to select this source when they are undergoing the PayPal flow on Patreon.

2) Credit Cards

-Patrons (i.e., individuals who use Patreon) have the freedom of adding their credit cards to their account anytime they wish (even during checkout). 

-Patreon processes payment to the card on file. These initiated funds are then sent to that creators’ balance. 

-In case sufficient funds are not available on the user’s card or the card has expired, the payment that the user wishes to carry out will not be successful. The payment will not be initiated until the user adds a new payment method.

3) Sofort  

-Sofort Direct Debit is a trusted local payment method that many EU patrons choose to conduct payments on Patreon. Sofort can be used through Desktop, Mobile web, and the Android app of Patreon. Using Sofort, patrons can authorize direct debit with their local bank.

-Patreon submits the carried-out payment to the patron’s bank, and once successful, the funds are sent to their desired creators’ balance. 

-Users can only use Sofort if their memberships are processed in Euros and their account is registered in the following countries:




The Netherlands


3) Apple Pay 

-United States Patrons can also choose Apple Pay from an authorized device when they first join the platform, or while they are editing their membership. 

-By using Apple Pay, the user is requesting Apple Pay to process payment with the wallet funding source that they have selected. Patreon then initiates this payment, which is, at last, transferred to the selected creators’ balance.

-Users should remember that Apple Pay is device-specific. If the added card was given from a deactivated device, or there weren’t enough funds in the provided funding source, the patron’s payment will be unsuccessful. 

Other Payment Options 

-Apart from the above-mentioned payment options, Patreon also accepts the following modes of payment:



3)Diners Club


-Our readers should keep in mind that at present, Patreon is not accepting prepaid cards or gift cards. Any attempt made by a patron to initiate payments through these methods will be rejected. 


In conclusion, we are aware that the Patreon platform offers its users a wide range of payment options to transfer money and support small-scale content creators and artists. From PayPal to Credit cards, a Patreon user has access to a huge list of payment options. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Question1) Will prepaid cards work? 

Answer) A prepaid or gift credit card is currently not accepted by Patreon to pay for recurring subscriptions. For this reason, it is recommended that users should use an issued credit card, linked to a bank account. 

Question2) How can Patron payments be made in India

Answer) The new regulations announced by the India Reserve Bank (RBI) have led to recurring payment declines across the subcontinent. 

Patreon is constantly working with its payment processing partners to search for long-term solutions. At present, Patreon cannot guarantee that payments made from India for recurring subscriptions at Patreon will be successful.

Question3) How can a user update their payment method

Answer) If a user wishes to update their presently submitted credit card on their Patreon account, they have to execute the following process:

1)Users will have to click on their profile image to open the user menu

2)After they have reached the menu, users will have to click on the option of ‘’Manage memberships.’’

3)Users will then have to click on the option of ‘’Payment methods’’ from the top menu bar. 

4)To complete the process, users will have to click on the ‘’Update button’’ option, which is present next to the credit card. Users have to re-enter their credit card details with their updated expiration date, CVV, or billing zip code. 

5)By clicking on submit, users will be able to see their updated credit card on their Patreon account.

Does Patreon Take Paypal?

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