Does Stewart’s fill the propane tank?

Introduction to Stewart’s Shops:

Founded in 1945 by the Dake family, Stewart’s Shops is an American private company. It operates a chain of convenience stores. The headquarters of Stewart’s Shops is located in Ballston Spa, Saratoga Springs, New York. Through the ESOP plan, the employees also hold half ownership of the company. The company serves in areas like eastern upstate New York and southwestern Vermont. The company employs more than 4500 people and operates more than 350 independent store locations. Stewart’s Shops sells milk, coffee, potato chips, ice cream, hard rolls, other drinks, and gasoline. The gasoline products are either manufactured under their brand name or in partnership with Sunoco. Stewart’s Shops also provides a restaurant, ice-cream shop, and gas services. In this article, we will see Does Stewart’s fill the propane tank?

Does Stewarts fill the propane tank?

Does Stewart’s fill propane tanks?

Yes, Stewart’s Shops provides the facility of filling and refilling the propane tanks. One can quickly fill their propane tanks at the Stewart’s Shops’ gas station. 

Stewart’s Shops have opened several licensed gas stations at different locations. Store location can also be found easily through mobile GPS or by searching on the company’s official website. 

How to fill propane tank at Stewart’s Shops:

The process is straightforward and convenient. First, one must drive at the Stewart’s Shops’ nearest gas station with their propane tank. After reaching there, either keep the propane tank inside the car or keep it near the cage where all other tanks are kept. It is not allowed to take the propane tank inside the store. 

Next, talk with the store staff regarding refilling the tank. It is a matter of a few minutes. The employee in charge of refilling the propane tanks will take your tank and fill it accordingly. 

Then you have to go to the store counter and pay for the service. 

When returning with the filled tank, keep in mind that the tank is kept upright. There should be the last movement of the gas. 

What is the average cost of refilling the propane tank?

The cost of refilling a 10-gallon propane tank calculated at an average cost of $2.25 per gallon is $22.50. The price of propane gas ranges between $1.50-$3.00

The cost of refilling propane tank may vary according to different conditions thereforeTherefore, there, there like

  • The price of propane gas keeps changing from time to time. Hence the cost of refilling your tank this time might be higher or lower than the last time.
  • The store location also affects the price of refilling propane tanks. The cost might be slightly lower in rural areas than in urban areas.
  • Refilling an empty tank will cost more than refilling a half-empty tank. 

Refilling a half-empty tank is also possible. It is also safe. There is no problem in mixing newer and older propane. If you want to save your party, you can fill your propane tank before it gets exhausted.

Other propane services provided by Stewart’s Shops are :

  • Residential Propane applications sales, maintenance, repair, and installation
  • Commercial Propane applications sales, repair, maintenance, and installation
  • Propane pipe fitting and connection
  • Propane cylinder sales and qualifications

Pros and cons of refilling a propane tank:


  • Refilling an empty tank is cheaper than exchanging an empty one. For example, you can save $1.75 per gallon by refilling your propane tank.
  • If you are refilling your propane tank, you will be charged only for the amount of gas added to the tank, not for the gas already present in the tank. Whereas even if some amount of gas is left in your tank when you exchange it, you will have to pay for the full 10-gallon tank.


  • It is easier to exchange an empty tank with a new one from nearby Stewart’s Shops’ or any other retail store than carrying a propane tank and getting it refilled. Moreover, the timing of refilling propane tanks is fixed and scheduled. At the same time, propane tanks can be exchanged at any time. And it is also less time-consuming than getting the tank refilled.

Following is the list of Stewart’s Shops’ propane refill gas Stations:

  • South Broadway, Saratoga (#495)
  • West Ave., Saratoga (#333)
  • Geyser Rd., Ballston Spa (#265)
  • Jones Rd., Wilton (#314)
  • Rowland Street (#449)
  • Northline Rd., Ballston Spa (#229)
  • Greenfield (#310)
  • Middle Grove (#360)
  • Saratoga lake (#341)
  • Malta (#136)
  • West Milton (#295)
  • Luther Forest (#315)

The numbers mentioned in the () are the store numbers or the store code.


Stewart’s Shops is an American private company founded by the Dake family and owned by the employees and the founding family. It was established in the year 1945. Yes, Stewart’s fill propane tanks at their propane gas stations which can be easily located. The average cost of refilling a propane tank is $22.50 per 10 gallons. Other services of Stewart’s includes restaurants, car charging station, ice cream cafes. And products are milk, coffee, potato chips, and gasoline.

Does Stewart’s fill the propane tank?

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