What is Amazon DSP? – Know more

In our world, which is becoming more and more digital, encountering digital technologies that we can call “new media products” has now become a routine. It has always been interesting for product manufacturers and developers how they can advertise their products and deliver these products to consumers. At a time when digital marketing has come to the fore so much and is almost always preferred a little more than traditional marketing in every field, Amazon should also make its own contribution to this field. With its DSP digital technology, Amazon has brought a new perspective to the field of advertising or e-commerce. 

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is a product that enables advertisers to receive visual advertisements on Amazon and all Amazon Media Group’s products and partner sites. Amazon DSP promises advertisers one clear and unique thing: reach amazon customers. Brands that want to increase brand awareness, create purchase intention, and familiarize customers with the purchasing experience can easily do this with the visual advertisements of Amazon DSP. 

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Amazon DSP is different because it allows you to place screen ads with the behavior of people you already know are interested in your product, brand, or similar product.

At this point, they are in the “Medium” or “Low” part of your funnel, and you are “re-targeting” something that was never possible using Amazon PPC. 

Amazon DSP and Re-Targeting:

It’s important to target ads effectively to understand what works and what doesn’t. The long-term consequences of software advertising can often make this difficult.

If you’re advertising a product sold on Amazon, DSP has two ways to track sales – product sales and overall sales. For ads that send traffic outside of Amazon, you can track the number of conversions, but this does not provide the dollar amount or type. In any case, this is the final touch of 14 days. The critical point about the finishing touch with DSP is that if someone starts by clicking on a sponsored product ad and is then retargeted by the DSP before converting, the DSP takes all the credit. To make sure you are getting the results you need from your goal selection, it’s important to be conscious of how you track those results.

The standard property window for standard Amazon PPC (Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Product Ads) is seven days for Sellers and 14 days for Sellers. This is another variable to consider when calculating the attribution between DSP and PPC ads. 

You can remarket your product page to an audience that has already visited – especially useful if you have a long sales cycle / large ticket product. If you want to increase your brand awareness, maybe you can reach new customers outside of Amazon with a video that introduces your brand or new product.

Amazon DSP provides information on buyers’ purchasing history and intent, along with thousands of customer segments.

Amazon has information about everyone’s shopping behavior, and based on that information, Amazon can relatively easily and accurately identify lifestyle choices, interests, and demographics.

Amazon DSP and its properties:

There are several different ways to show sales on Amazon’s DSP platform, Amazon’s display advertising platform.

Product Sales Amazon tracks the ASINs you provide for conversion tracking purposes only. No Brand Halo attribute is applied here. Amazon must manually change the list of ASINs you provide to confirm that they currently belong to you.

Product Sales metrics are calculated in the 14-day display attribute window. This means that the ad should only appear on the screen, not actually clicked. Whether the user actually sees the ad or not, the impression is considered a “view”.

As of January 1, 2019, only 50 percent of screen ads must be viewed for one second or more before they can go on sale. Also, only 50 percent of the video needs to be viewed for two seconds or longer to be considered a sale.

The upgrade is valid: if they see a DSP ad, but click on the SP ad, the SP would get a sales credit, not a DSP.

Total Sales tracks sales of ASINs submitted to Amazon to track conversions, and all Brand Halo sales from brand names included in the tracked ASIN list. If Dyson intends to provide Amazon with a list of all ASINs, and all of them have the brand name “Dyson” in the brand field, the Total Sales values ​​should be clear. If the brand mentioned ASIN as 10 different brand names as an example of the licensed brand mentioned above, Amazon would refer to EVERY sales of them, even if they are not on the list

Synchronization is valid. With Amazon DSP, you can also broadcast ads that send traffic outside of Amazon. Track the amount or type of dollars associated with an advertising campaign, not the number of conversions. The same 14-day qualification applies. 

Ad types:

Dynamic e-commerce: Dynamic e-commerce ads automatically choose which creator to display based on campaign goals.

Static ads: These ads do not have any dynamic elements, so they require a call to action. These ads can be redirected to the product details page, the Amazon showcase, or the individual landing page.

Video ads via DSP: You can link your video ads to your website or to a detailed page about an Amazon product.

Best Video Ads (OTT): These full screen ads reach millions of people on connected TV sources (like the Amazon Fire TV Stick). You can target a specific Amazon audience, but it is not possible to click on these ads. 


Bringing a new perspective to digital marketing, Amazon DSP quickly became a product that advertisers are not afraid to use and recommend with its convenient and successful system. Amazon, one of the largest in the world of e-commerce, has innovated with its marketing strategies and DSP functionality. Considering that digital marketing now has a power in every field, Amazon has made visual advertisements more usable in digital marketing with a move in line with its mission by revealing its own vision. 

What is Amazon DSP? – Know more

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