Burlington Loyalty Program – Know More

Burlington Coat Factory was founded back in the year 1972 by Monroe Milstein. Burlington Coat Factory is an American company operating a chain of retail stores. The headquarters of the company is situated in Burlington township, New Jersey. Burlington Coat factory has 700 stores in 40 states of the USA and Puerto Rico. The main products of the Burlington Coat factory are clothes, baby clothes, home décor items, furniture, pet supply items, and gifts. Burlington Coat factory was later renamed Burlington stores. It is a retail industry and sells products at an off-price. Bain Capital acquired the company in 2007. A total of 40,000 employees work for Burlington stores. Let’s read more about the Burlington Loyalty Program.

Burlington Loyalty Program

What is Loyalty Program?

Basically, a loyalty program is a marketing strategy used by most companies. It means encouraging a customer to continue to buy products from the company or use their services. As a part of a loyalty program, the company sets up an account for the customer associated with the particular scheme of their company. It then issues our responsibility is a Loyalty card for the customer. It is also known as a reward card, points card, advantage card, or club card. While shopping with this card, customers get a discount on the purchase or gain points that can be used in the future as Loyalty rewards.

How to join the Burlington loyalty program?

There are certain conditions to be followed for joining the Burlington loyalty program. They are,

  •  It is open only for the residents of the USA and Puerto Rico.
  • Anyone willing to join the loyalty program must be 13 years of age or above.
  • A valid e-mail address and phone number are a must for joining the loyalty program of Burlington stores.

There is no cost or fee for joining a loyalty program or maintaining the membership. The Burlington stores have the sole right to accept, reject or discontinue membership of anyone in the loyalty program. Once a loyalty program member, it is our responsibility to update our data and information with Burlington stores. If failed to do so, Burlington stores will not be responsible for the loss of reward points. 

From where can one join the loyalty program?

Anyone can sign up or join the company’s loyalty program from the nearest store location by providing necessary details such as name, phone number, and e-mail address. 

Only one loyalty program membership is permitted to each member and it is not transferable and can be used only by an individual for their benefits or rewards.

The employees of Burlington stores or its subsidiaries and their immediate families are also eligible for membership in the loyalty program. The, rewards and benefits are directed towards their membership accounts.

Benefits of the loyalty program:

  1. Early notification- The loyalty program members get an early notification regarding the arrival of new products or any sale by e-mail through the company.
  2. E- receipts- On the first transaction made through the membership card, the customer will receive both printed and e-receipt. However this service might not be available at all the store locations.
  3. Layaway Bonus- A $5 bonus credit is received by a customer who has completed the layaway transaction. This credit merchandise can be used for future purchases from the store.
  4. Extended returns- This benefit is available at only a few selected stores. Products returned are accepted within 45 days of the purchase.

Privacy for members

  • Members joining the loyalty program of Burlington stores agree to receive the marketing and promotional e-mails. In addition, the company will pass on the information regarding the status and transaction of the membership account through e-mails.
  • If one wants to stop receiving the emails, they have to use the unsubscribe option available in all promotional e-mails. To stop all marketing and promotional communication from the Burlington stores, one has to call the customer service department. The company will still keep the members updated about membership schemes, benefits, and transactions.
  • The Burlington stores also provide a personalized shopping experience based on their collected information. And all the information collected by the company is subject to its privacy policy.

Cancellation or termination of the loyalty program membership:

The company has the sole right to terminate anyone’s membership if someone doesn’t follow its rules and policy. Suppose they transfer their benefits to someone else or are found using multiple memberships, their collected information. 

In this case, if someone wants to cancel their membership, one has to call the customer care department and cancel the membership.


Burlington Coat factory in 1972 by Monroe Milstein and is headquartered in New Jersey. It later became Burlington stores. It operates a chain of retail merchandise stores. The products include clothes, baby clothes, home décor items, and more. The company’s loyalty program has certain conditions and many benefits provided to members.

Burlington Loyalty Program – Know More

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