Where Are Bogg Bags Made?

Bogg bags have been in a limelight for the longest time. Many of its users considered it to be all-rounded. It fulfills all the needs of a perfect bag. The reason, why people love this bag, is because it has enough space to hold almost everything, and yet it’s not heavy to carry. Its size, structure,  space, and durability has won the heart of many. It is a bag for the beach. In this article, we will further see Where Are Bogg Bags Made?

Where Are Bogg Bags Made?

Although Bogg bags are based in New Jersey, United States but currently it is not manufactured there. Initially, it used to be designed and created in the U.S by a New Jersey mom. Now all Bogg bags are manufactured in China. After they are manufactured it is imported to the United States.

What is a Boggbag? 

A Bogg bag is a bag for the beach or camping. It is specially made for a vacation purpose where you want to carry a lot of things and yet not worry about it being heavy. It is practical for a beach day. The bag is large, sturdy, tip-proof, waterproof and most importantly it is easy to carry. 

Bogg bag is designed with a tip-proof bottom. It is made of washable EVA foam. The bag also has an insert bag at the side to hold keys, phones, and other essentials. The handle of the bag is sturdy to make sure things do not fall out of the bag after you place it on the ground. It is in a round shape which makes it a versatile tote bag. 

The idea behind creating a Bogg bag? 

The entire idea of creating a Bogg bag began in the year 2011 from KimberleeVaccarella. She and her family enjoyed the beach but they couldn’t find a perfect beach bag that fulfilled their needs. She wanted something huge enough to carry everything needed for an entire day at the pool or a beach. Also, a bag that would be easy to carry. She kept searching for a sturdy bag so that things do not drip out of the bag.Abag that can be washed and easily cleaned with a quick rinse.They kept searching but couldn’t find a bag that wouldfulfill all of these needs. 

In the process of searching an idea came to her mind of creating such a bag herself. She sat and designed it and set out on her journey from there.Finally, in 2011 she came up with a final sample of it. This is when the Bogg bag launched into the market. 

How much does a Bogg bag cost? 

The Bogg bags are made in two different sizes. But there isa variety of colors and prints available in it. The smaller size of the bag which is called the Baby Bogg Bags retails for $59.95-$69.95. The larger size of the bag is called Large Bogg bags which retails for $79.95-$89.95. 

The bag is not available for free shipping.The shipping costof aBogg bag differs from the size of the bag. This is because the size of the bags is huge so the shipping charges are calculated according to their weight and size of it. Therefore, the cost of shipping is more. Since it’s a small business so free shipping is not possible due to the USP/USPS rates. 

But the brand wishes to provide its customers with lower shipping rates in the future once their online business grows. They are hoping for better rates from UPS/USPS/FedEx so they can decrease the rate of shipping. In 2022 the shipping rates for all the Bogg bags have been fixed to $12 per bag. 

Different types of Bogg bags and their sizes. 

Since Bogg bags have two sizes so the original bag is the largest measurement which is about (19inches *15inches*9.5inches). The Baby Bogg bag which is the smaller size measures(15inches*13inches*5.25inches). The features in the BabyBogg bag are almost the same as the original or the larger size Bogg bag. 

The brand has different accessories that will help you style your bags and keep themorganized. For example,they have cooler inserts, beauty Boggs,tags for the luggage, Bogg bits, and decorative inserts. They have now launched the Boggs canvas collection. The collection includes bags like weekenders, backpacks,boat bags, and beauty bags. 

What are the bags made from? 

The outer part of the beauty bags is mainly made of canvas and the interior is of it is lined with nylon. Decorative inserts are mainly made of plastic. The Bogg brr body is made out of nylon. 

Ways to clean a Bogg bag

If there is a heavy stain or you have been on a messier trip thenuse mild soap and water to clean it. You can also use a baby or anti-bacterial wipes. For the beauty,bags use mild soap water, and a soft cloth to clean the stain. 

How to differentiate a real Bogg bag from a fake? 

The only way to identify a fake Bogg bag is by observing the details on a real bag. The real Bogg bag has its branding which is the “Boggbag” embossed on the bag. The brand name is embossed on the bottom of the bag. On the handles of the bag, the brand initial“b” is written. 

The smallorganizer bags have an undetachable handle. A fake Bogg bag will not have any of these. So make sure to check these details properly before purchasing. If in doubt go check their official websites and compare them both. 

What is Bogg bag’s official website? 

The company has its official website which is boggbag.com. Since it is the company website so there is 100 % assurance for all the products. It is completely secured. On this website, you can get your hands on an authentic piece of Bogg bag. There are many other websites with a similar name but those are fake.


For a family or a person who enjoys vacation and especially a beach day then a Boggbag will be your perfect companion. Its convenience will make you fall in love with it. It can fit in a lot without making it u comfortable to carry. Because it’s sturdy, on a windy day the bag will not blow over the wind. People who have purchased a Bogg bag have always praised it and are willing to use it many more times. 

Where Are Bogg Bags Made?

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