Does Purple Remove Old Mattress?-Read More About It

An individual willing to sleep well must have proper sleeping equipment. The first thing that an individual must have is a good quality mattress. Now, there are various companies in the market offering the best and top-quality mattresses. In the same way, Purple Mattress is one of those companies that are offering great quality mattresses to customers in the market. Now, the customers visiting Purple for mattress purchases have frequently asked does the company remove old mattresses.

Does Purple Remove Old Mattress?
Does Purple Remove Old Mattress?

Fortunately, Purple does remove or take away the old mattress that is already present at the customer’s residence. If the old mattress is still in a good condition then they might give an exclusive offer on the purchase of a new mattress from their company. 

Purple has been in the American market for quite some time now. The mission of the mattress company is to offer the best quality mattress to customers in the market. Over the past 80 years, the company has changed the way of sleeping drastically. The company has bought tech advancement in their products and changed the thought of customers. 

Purple Mattress Models

Purple mattress comes in four different models but, they come in various names and sizes. The company ensures that all the mattresses manufactured by them fall under these models. Interestingly, these models have a unique feature to offer to customers. They are not related to each other the features offered by these mattresses are very much different. 

The four different models of mattresses sold by Purple Mattress are the following:-

  • Original Purple Mattress 
  • Purple Hybrid Premier
  • Purple Hybrid 
  • Purple Kids

Original Purple Mattress 

The original Purple mattress from Purple is the standard or the normal mattress sold by the company. These mattresses are sold at the market rate and have no special features or ingredients. But, this does not mean that they are of bad quality the standard Purple mattresses are made with the best and top quality on the market. 

  • Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses are quite different as compared to the original Purple mattress. These mattresses are highly firm and they work great for pressure relief. Many doctors in the market suggest its patients use such mattresses while sleeping. 

  • Purple Hybrid

Purple Hybrid is another great type of mattresses sold by Purple. These types of mattresses are the softest new mattresses on the market. It cushions your body and they provide great pressure and relief to the customer who has availed them. 

  • Purple Kids

Purple Kids are different types of mattresses sold by the mattresses-selling company. It is a luxury children’s mattress sold by Purple. These mattresses are only for kids and school-going children. 

Returning old Mattresses to Purple

Purple takes care of all the procedures after buying and returning their products. In the same way, an individual willing to return an old mattress can easily do them. There is no hassle while returning an old mattress to Purple. 

Without any hesitation, the company will take your old mattress in no time. Now, if the individual has selected an in-home setup for your delivery of the mattress then the process of returning the old mattress becomes easier. The company will send additional premium carriers and extra workers to remove the old mattress from your home. 

Interestingly, the mattress-selling company does not charge any additional fee for taking away the old mattress. This is a great marketing strategy used by the company for all the customers in the market. But, if an individual is willing to return an old mattress to the company then they must inform them before. 

Purple Mattress Pricing

Purple mattresses are not only for better sleep but, they help in other medications as well. The four different models of mattresses sold by Purple offer a long list of health benefits and posture benefits for the individual or customers. 

In the same way, looking at all those in mind the company has created a simple and attractive pricing strategy for all their mattresses. Yes, opting for the different models of mattresses the price tag will vary. The price of all the mattresses sold in different models will not be the same. 

The price of some mattresses sold by Purple are the following:-

  • Purple Standard Twin-sized mattress- $799
  • Purple Standard Twin XL Mattress- $999
  • Purple Standard Cal King Mattress- $1,799
  • Purple Hybrid Twin XL Mattress- $1,899
  • Purple Hybrid Full-sized Mattress- $2,149
  • Purple Hybrid King-sized Mattress- $2,899
  • Purple Hybrid Split King Mattress- $3,798
  • Purple Kids Twin Mattress- $699
  • Purple Hybrid Premier Full-sized Mattress- $2,699

These are some of the basic price strategies used by Purple used on their mattresses in the market. As per the price of the mattresses the consumers highly appreciated them because of their top-quality materials. 

Purple Mattress Review

Purple mattresses have taken a special spot in the heart of customers in the country. Consumers who have used the mattresses have highly appreciated them because of their top-quality product and material used. Some genuine sources have ranked the mattresses manufactured from Purple in the third position on its overall rating. 

Interestingly, as per 2021 data, most mattresses sold from Purple earned the third spot on the Best Online Mattresses of 2021 ranking. These huge achievements prove that the mattresses sold by this company are just amazing. This company does not compromise on the product quality and built-material. 

Other than that, Purple as a company is known for its unique Purple Grid, it is the brand’s alternative to memory foam. This is what the customers in the market love and appreciate the most. Other than selling mattresses, the company is highly active in pillows, bed sheets, mattress protectors, pet beds, seat cushions, and many more. Interestingly, they do not compromise on these products as well. 


Purple has been in the market for quite a long time now. The product sold by this company has gained the trust of today’s customers in the market. The product sold by the company has never disappointed the customers.  This is what any customer and consumer of any company around the world and country would want. 

Does Purple Remove Old Mattress?-Read More About It

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