Where Are Lotus Trolley Bags Made?- And More

The more humans have come across the negative impacts of plastics, the more they have tried to bring out sustainable products to help manage the ecosystem and keep the environment clean. The same thought made way to the making of Lotus Trolley Bags. Let us know ‘Where Are Lotus Trolley Bags Made?’.

Where Are Lotus Trolley Bags Made?- And More

The joint venture of a husband-and-wife team Farzan and Jen Dehmoubed from Carlsbad led to the foundation of Lotus trolley bags in 2016. The Lotus Trolley Bags are currently made in the USA. Headquarters are situated in Carlsbad, California.

Why Lotus Trolley Bags are needed?

According to the plastic waste statistics 2022, nearly 300 million plastic wastes is produced every year, the US being the highest producer and generator of this waste( generates approximately 130 kilometers of plastic waste every year). The average use of plastics by a U.S. household is nearly 1500. The ever-growing plastic waste pollutes the seas and oceans, rivers and creates a foul effect due to its lack of biodegradable qualities.

Lotus trolley bags took their entry in this stage to replace the plastic bags during grocery shopping and helped reduce waste with their multi-use quality. These come with a combination of highly sustainable, eco friendly, foldable, multi-purpose use, and aesthetically pleasing bags.

What makes lotus bags eco-friendly?

These bags are created of reusable sacks, strong recycled plastic which is transformed into a non-woven fabric and sewn with durable double stitch making it eco-friendly as no products have been used to make it which are neither non-biodegradable nor reusable.

The #1 reusable bags just to make your and our environment better. 

Properties of Lotus Trolley Bag

  • It is a compact bag with large non-woven fabric bags in it, counting 1 insulated bag.
  • Special pockets for eggs handling and wine holding.
  • Additional pockets on the inside and outside of bags to increase the space
  • Durable double-stitch to add full strength to support over fifty pounds of weight.
  • Machine washable for convenience
  • Subjective use of support rods for cart and non-cart use.
  • For individual use, delta strips have been added to detach back from the shopping system
  • Bottles are made of mold-resistant mesh
  • These bags fit inside more standard US grocery carts.
  • It has a property that makes it rollable to fit in a compact, lightweight carrier.
  • The price is fully refundable if the product is not liked by the customer 100% refund guarantee.

This game-changing, strong, time-saving grocery holder can also be used in other works such as carrying a tiffin and taking it to work or for a tour.

How Do You Use It?

The Lotus Trolley Bags are designed to meet everyone’s needs. Throughout the entire journey, Lotus made sure to add 4 bags in each set to make it easier for their customer. Following are how the manufacturer has suggested the use of their bag: 

  1. Attach the shopping bags with the cart handles before anything else. After this easy step, you are ready to place your shopping products in the bag. Keep the bag just as it is.
  1. As you keep on adding more kinds of stuff, start opening the bag handles towards yourself to create ample space for your goods. They should be spread out vertically in a row. 
  1. The insulated area is for keeping wines and beverages while you can keep your other grocery items in the larger part of the bag.
  1. During placing your shopping bag for boiling on the counter, things could get dis-organized due to the barcode scanner. In this case, you have to rearrange your groceries.
  1. The bags must be placed separately in the car to avoid damage to the fresh groceries.  
  1. After reaching your house put the groceries in their respective place. Store the Lotus Store bags so that you don’t have to buy another and can reuse the same. 

How To Wash the Lotus Trolley Bags?

  1. Remove the rods from all 4 bags before washing the bags.
  2. The bags with mesh bottoms are machine washable. Use cold, gentle cycles while washing them.
  3. A safe disinfectant can be used to spray and wipe down the interior lining.
  4. Hang your beautiful bags to dry and get ready for your next use.

Benefits of Trolley Bags

The set of 4 extra strong fabric bags comes with many benefits. 

  1. It Decreases Pollution: When the huge number of plastic bags are replaced with a much lesser number of reusable Lotus bags, it is bound to decrease pollution.
  2. Long-lasting Strength and Durability: Ever dropped all the products you are carrying due to a hole in your plastic bag? Yes! It’s happened to most of us. The materials and techniques make this bag uniquely strong and much more reliable. 
  1. Affordable: Now for the readers, who are waiting in anticipation to know the cost of the bag, good news for them. The bag comes at an affordable price. 1 for $49.99. 

The 60 Day Money Back Policy

The 100% love it guarantees policy of Lotus trolley bags, assures to pay back money if the bag is not suiting the customer’s needs. 

Special features

  • Insulated bag for keeping warm food ward and cold food cold
  • Extra pockets to secure your products
  • Removable rods for your exciting solo trips

Reasons Of Customers Love for It

Over half a million sets of Lotus Trolley Bags are circulating. According to most reports, customers are finding it easier while organize things with this bag. Furthermore, many of them are understanding and realize the need for an eco-friendly, sustainable product. 

Many of them are attracted to stylish, aesthetically beautiful bags and prefer to induce style even while grocery shopping rather than using a no-color plastic bag. Its high-quality materials and durability are also a point about which the customers are really happy.  According to the customers, the additional number of pockets present in the bags provides additional storage.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where do I get these bags?

You can buy these bags from Amazon and also from the business website of Lotus. 

  • Can Lotus Trolley Bags be machine washed?

Absolutely. To know more about how to wash the Lotus bags please read the article.

  • What is Lotus Cotton Produce Bags made from?

100%  certified raw organic cotton is used to make the Lotus Bags.

  • Where do they ship and what does the shipping cost?

Currently, they are shipping only in the U.S. They offer free standard shipping for all U.S. orders. 

Where Are Lotus Trolley Bags Made?- And More

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