Does DraftKings Accept Bitcoin?- Read More About It

What is Bitcoin?

Before anything understanding, we need to understand the basics which give us a glimpse of what the matter trying to say. Bitcoin is like a digital currency that is not under the control of anyone either regulation or any other legal counsel. Here all the transactions are publicly shown to everyone and also shared with every node. The transactions are collectively divided into groups called the blockchain. In this article, we will see about ‘Does DraftKings Accept Bitcoin?’. 

Does DraftKings Accept Bitcoin?

Does DraftKings Accept Bitcoin?

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Just like the currency in the physical wallet, it is the currency in a virtual wallet. Bitcoins are currently divided into decimal places: thousandths bitcoin is called milli and a hundred millionth bitcoin is called Satoshi.

There is a private key that is used to make a transaction in this virtual currency which helps to prove ownership of a coin. It can be used in the exchange of cash.

Bitcoin was introduced for the purpose to give smoothness of fund transfer over the Internet all over the world.

Is It Safe?

Bitcoins are designed SHA-Algorithm in which many private keys are used and which is highly protective to access by the hackers but there are the main security concerns in Bitcoin because it is operate without any legal or Central authority. 

There are many cases nowadays due to hacking and currency stolen, apart from that if anyone sends bitcoin to any wrong person or forgets the password then there is no option to get back to this.

What is Bitcoin History?

In the year of 2008, there was a domain name called .org was uploaded a white paper titled ‘Bitcoin’: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. On 09 January 2009, the paper was finished and released publicly.

What is DraftKings?

DraftKings was Launched in August 2018 in New Jersey, becoming the first legal mobile sports for betting. It’s having around 8 million users. It is an American daily fantasy sports contest.

It attracts users not for gambling but with an interest in gaming. In DraftKings, users win money based on Individual Player Performances.

Does DraftKings accept Bitcoin?

DraftKings does not accept Deposits presently.

However, The CEO of DraftKings Jason Robins recently accept that they are planning to look into the cryptocurrency as the means of Payment but they presently accept the payment as determined by the regulators and Bitcoin is not an acceptable source by any Legal authority of any country because it is not approved by any regulations.

Hence according to sources, it is confirmed that there may be a possibility that bitcoin may accept by DraftKings in near future. Because as we can see Bitcoin is getting too much in use by everyone and the CEO of DraftKings said that they will definitely incorporate those changes and updating which helps their customers to feel more comfortable.

The Sports betting Industry does not against the Bitcoins as we have already seen that Bitcoin become the most popular payment option of Cryptocurrency, but the problem is only it is not regulated by any authority and sportsbooks has their own deposits options or any other options which are likely to be regulated by any legal authority.

Who Accepts Bitcoin as Means of Payment?

There are some options in which Bitcoins may be used as the means of payment.

One of them is the Neteller. It is the source that helps in the use of cryptocurrencies to send funds to sports betting accounts.

It is obvious that all the betting websites do not accept deposits except Neteller.


After taking all the suggestions and Information into consideration it is very easy to understand the meaning, history, and acceptability of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not an acceptable source for all betting sources but it may accept in the future due to its popularity and acceptability by the general public.

Does DraftKings Accept Bitcoin?- Read More About It

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