McDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee – Find More About It

Did you know that with age comes grace and discounted McDonald’s coffee? McDonald’s may have something to offer if you’re 55 or older! McDonald’s- was first founded by the McDonald brothers Richard & Maurice McDonald in the 1940s in San Bernardino, California. Let us know more detail about ‘McDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee’.

McDonalds Senior Discount Coffee

McDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee

It is now the most popular American fast food company globally, with over 38000 outlets in 100+ countries. Keep reading to discover whether all the outlets propose this discount; how can you avail of this discount; how much is the discount & what exactly can you enjoy at discounted rates.

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Yes! It is a secret that is not supposed to be a secret in the first place. Most McDonald’s outlets offer senior citizens of age 55 or above discounted coffee and beverages; however, there are certain limitations. The senior citizen discount is not a company-wide policy & it’s not officially stated on their website. This is why not all McDonald’s stores nationwide offer the senior citizen discount & therefore, the senior discount policy of each outlet varies. Some outlets might offer a discount and some won’t. However, the standard age requirement to qualify for the senior discount on coffee is 55 or above, so no matter where in the world you are, if you’re 55 or above, you are eligible to try your luck at any nearest Mcdonald’s store.

Why don’t all the McDonald’s outlets offer discounts nationwide?

The Golden Arches- McDonald’s logo is something that people from different parts of the world recognize because McDonald’s fast-food restaurants operate as a franchise system. A Franchise is a business where the franchisor (the parent company) grants permission in terms of a license to the franchisee (independent owner) to operate the business using the parent company’s original concept, brand name & recipes. 

The franchisee pays a substantial fee in return for this. More than 90% of McDonald’s outlets are owned by private individuals and operate independently. As a result, the senior discount policy is different at each McDonald’s outlet. McDonald’s menus are also not the same across the globe. The menus have different deals and offers in different parts of the world. Also, it is worth noting that those outlets offering the senior citizen discount offer it via drive-thru or front-desk orders only, not using a self-ordering kiosk or for home delivery.

How can you avail of the discount?

It can only be availed by you if you’re 55 or above. 

1- Call up your local McDonald’s store to ensure they offer the senior citizen discount.

2- Walk into your nearest Mcdonald’s outlet.

3- Take your ID card.

4- Pay less for coffee & other drinks availing the discount you are offered.

How much is the discount?

Firstly, the senior citizen discount is a percent-off discount, and it’s not 100% percent off! The percentage of senior discounts offered on coffee also differs at each outlet. According to McDonald’s website, their overall prices are also different in different parts of the world. Hence, you might find that different stores in different areas offer a different percentage of the senior discount. E.g.

– In Canada, senior citizens are offered a 20% discount on coffee and tea nationwide.

– On the other hand, McDonald’s in India does not offer a senior citizen discount nationwide.

In India, it’s not officially stated on their website, but local outlets may offer & the percentage of the discount may also vary.

So, to check whether there is a senior citizen discount and what percentage discount is offered at your local McDonald’s store, you can ring them up and ask away!

However, Suppose you’re not 55 yet but are still interested in any deals or offers. In that case, you could download the McDonald’s app from the play store for android or the app store for an iOS device to check out the discounts they offer country-wide customers of all ages can enjoy.

Is the senior citizen discount only limited to coffee?

Yes, it is worth noting that the senior citizen discount at most McDonalds applies only to drinks and in particular to coffee, tea & soft drinks- so if you’re lucky to be at a McDonald’s outlet that does offer the senior discount, then you can simply have these beverages at a discounted price but not for free! This discount does not apply to burgers, fries, meals, or offers.

Now that you’re all clued up on McDonald’s senior citizen discount so the next time someone turns 55 in your social circle, you might want to break it to them that this time around, their birthday gift might be a lifetime offer from McDonald’s! Just remember it’s not a company-wide policy and varies from country to country. There’s a likelihood that your local McDonald’s offers it too, but it’s just not officially stated anywhere, so check that beforehand!

McDonald’s Senior Discount Coffee – Find More About It

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