Ballard Design Outlet Locations-Let’s Know About It


For brands to be well organized and grow faster, an outlet needs to be open to meet the target audience. It, therefore, means that large corporate organizations are widely known today because of the establishment of an outlet in a particular area. Ballard designs are not left out in having outlet locations to grow its brand and become a world-recognized brand. In this article, we are going to look at the outlet locations of Ballard design.

Ballard Design Outlet Locations

Outlet Locations of Ballard Design.

Ballard designs have about thirteen retail stores and three outlet stores. One of the outlet stores is close to its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the other is near its distribution center in West Chester, Ohio, and the third outlet location is in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Design is a retail company commonly known as an Omni channel company that focuses on designs and the sales of home furniture and accessories with the influence of the Europeans. The company creates unique, beautiful, and inspirational home furnishings and décor. It is a well-known and trusted company in the production of home furnishing as well as quality and discounted products.

What Ballard Design is known for?

When you think of having a classy home décor and also affordable furnishing, you think of Ballard designs. It has thirteen retail stores and three outlet locations to give the best of its products and services. The company was established in 1983, with its headquarters at Defoor Ave. NW, Atlanta. The president of the company is Karen Mooney.

Ballard Design was established by Helen Ballard. The company started as a retail store, after the founder, Helen Ballard won a home decorating contest organized by the Metropolitan Home magazines. Ballard Design opened its first retail store in Tampa in 2007, and within a year, it has grown to open another in Jacksonville. The organization continues to grow as Helen continues to serve as the chief executive of the company, until 2002 when she retired. Growth has been seen by the company, which has led to millions of catalogs annually, and it now has and operates an e-commerce website.

Ballard Design Outlet Locations in Atlanta Georgia

The Atlanta Georgia outlet of Ballard design is also known as the award-winning flagship outlet located in Atlanta Georgia. This outlet houses a large design services team. It also has about 20,000 square feet of seasonal furniture pieces as well as new designs to suit your demand, with European-inspired furniture.

Ballard Designs Outlet Locations in West Chester, Ohio.

This outlet of Ballard Design located in West Chester, Ohio, offers free design services and consultations, especially for their trusted and regular customers. This outlet is located just outside Cincinnati, it provides European-inspired furniture with first-quality products and discounted product prices. They have a rich combination of home and office furnishing. Its products include but are not limited to curtains, mirrors, pieces of artwork, rugs, throw pillows, vases, etc., to give your living room the beauty you desire.

Ballard Design Outlet Locations in Louisville Kentucky.

This is the third outlet location of ballad design; this outlet is located in the former stein mart location in Kentucky. It is about 50,000 square feet with an open box and wall decorations merchandise. It also houses two of its sister’s famous brands, with an in-store shopping that is easily accessible, even those with wheelchairs can have easy access to it. It offers traditional furniture at very low prices.

What is Outlet Location?

Outlet location is a model of a distributive network of products and services. It is also an online or offline store through which manufacturers sell their products directly to the public. Outlet location also means a large group of stores in cities that sell products or render services made by a particular company at a reduced price. It is also used to describe stores that sold products at discounted prices.

What to Consider Before Getting Ballard Designs?

Before you decide to get Ballard designs for your homes and office decorations, consider the following.

  1. Decide on the designs you would need that will be the best fit for you.
  2. Do you have the financial resources to purchase the designs of your choice?
  3. Do you need an expert to redesign your homes or offices for you?
  4. Are you ready to pay for the services of an expert to do an interior décor for you?

Why Should I Consider Ballard Design?

Ballard designs have come to stay, there are so many reasons you need to choose Ballard designs.

  1. They offer excellent customer service.
  2. Booking a virtual appointment is free.
  3. Their products and services are very affordable and reliable.
  4. Most of its furnishing is of European inspiration.
  5. If you are considering having a great art decoration in your home, then Ballard does it right.
  6. If you are looking for new or modern designs for your homes or offices, Ballard designs got you covered.

Furthermore, it is important to state that, having gone through so many challenges and reforms, Ballard’s design is still flourishing. However, in 2010, it released its first designer collection, through a partnership and collaboration with Suzanne Kastler, who was also an award-winning designer. The collection was launched and was highly received by many notable individuals.


The beauty of a home is largely dependent on the designs or decorations. Every corporation or individual wants their home or office to be a center of admiration or attraction. However, looking for great designs to quench these cravings needs financial commitment and the services of an expert. Therefore it is safe to say that, Ballard designs come in handy to get quality home accessories of European inspiration at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Ballard Designs use a Credit Card?

Yes, Ballard designs use credit cards for the purchase of its products.

  • Does Ballard do Home Delivery Services?

Ballard designs operate in both walk-in shopping and home delivery services.

  • Can I Order for Ballard Design Online?

Ballard designs can be ordered online through its website.

Ballard Design Outlet Locations-Let’s Know About It

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