Do Theisens Make Keys?

You could have heard of Theisen’s, and seen their advertisement regarding the production of different automobile parts but still have doubts if keys are one of their products. You possibly do not even know that Theisens make keys. The availability of manpower, machine, and materials are vital factors in how Theisens ensures keys are made from time to time.

Do Theisens Make Keys?

To make keys, Theisens requires raw materials, clearance by the government to move the raw materials, transportation services for the raw materials to get to the factory, technical know-how, key-making machines, and factory workers. Thereafter, the key production processes commence. We will move into more explanations of what is needed to make keys below.

Processes used by Theisens to make keys

The methods deployed by Theisens and materials depend on the types of keys. The quantity and quality of materials for a Ford differ from that of a Toyota, or any other vehicle brand.

Every worker involved in the process of making the keys know his role. Theisens has seasoned automobile engineers and technicians, who work in consonance to ensure nothing goes wrong. The management of Theisens likewise put a lot of brainwork into profitable production.

With the advent of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, Theisens saves much to produce more keys than in the last 10 years. Machines have taken over some jobs that used to be done by factory workers.

Step 1

Theisens acquire the raw materials needed from their source. The metals combined to produce keys are aluminum, nickel, silver, and zinc. A mechanical furnace is used for melting materials.

In producing better quality keys, Theisens uses steel. Brass is also considered when producing higher-quality keys. Keys produced with high-quality materials are the most durable.

Step 2

The model of the vehicle helps guide the automobile locksmith on how to cut the keys into their right shape. Due to modern technologies, the computer is used to design how the keys would eventually appear.

The average time duration needed to produce a single key is between 10-15 minutes, and at most 20-25 minutes.

Step 3

There are two basic types of keys produced, and these are via laser cutting or mechanical key duplication. The steel is cut into desired shapes and designs by a laser cutting machine. Mechanical key duplication is used more by automobile locksmiths.

Laser cutting machines are more advanced than mechanical key duplication machines, however, both have their advantages. While some vehicles have keys produced by laser cutting machines, others have keys made by mechanical key duplication machines.

Step 4

In 1995, a transponder chip was a technological feature added to keys. The transponder chip works as a signaling device and sensor for automobiles. 

As the process of making keys kept on advancing, there are now rolling codes that have been added to the transponder chip. This addition has helped to increase the security of automobiles from being stolen.

Master keys are the latest technology in key production, but their use is limited. Remote control keys are widely produced, helping to further make automobiles to be more protected from car theft or robbery.

Challenges encountered

Theisens faces different challenges when producing keys. There are situations whereby the keys are recalled due to malfunctioning. The composition of materials at times is not in the right quantity. There are quality control issues too.

Keys are not properly cut into the desired shape when they are produced. The issues of keys not matching and working with the vehicle they are meant to ignite.

Customers have reportedly complained about the after-sales services of Theisens. Some customers do not get value for their money on the purchases made. There are regular communication breakdowns between Theisens and its customers.

Efforts of workers

The smooth running and making of keys are significant to Theisens. Workers producing keys have had the course to complain about not getting living wages. Theisens needs to take the welfare of its workers as the utmost priority.

In some instances, workers do not put enough to ensure that there is quality in the keys produced. Workers should know they can put thousands of lives at risk if they are careless during the production of keys.

Machines used to make keys

 Machines are replacing human beings in some aspects of making keys, however, there are mechanical faults too. The servicing of faulty machines, and displacing old ones should always be looked into by Theisens.

What makes Theisens one of the leading makers of keys?

Theisens has offices and companies in many major cities and countries of the world. Theisens have a huge budget to work with, as well as enough staff. The monetary valuation of Theisens runs into billions of United States dollars.

Based on the strengths of Theisens on many fronts, it continues to be the main player in making keys for different automobiles.

What is the average cost of keys produced by Theisens?

According to Acme Locksmith, the range of price for a mechanical produced key is 7-25 United States dollars (USD). For a VAT key, the average price range is between 20-and 35 USD. The price range for transponder chip keys is between 10-and 80 USD. The laser-cut keys are on the high side, and cost between 50-and 150 USD. In addition, the highest-priced keys are Proximity FOBs, which range between 75-30 USD.

Acme Locksmith revealed that keys such as laser cut and Proximity FOBs incur additional costs of key programming as they are technologically based. 

Getting keys from Theisens

Customers can order keys from Theisens via online methods or go to designated outlets to get their keys. There are professional locksmiths, who can help automobile owners get keys of their choice. Vehicle owners should be cautious when getting duplicates for their keys for would-be car robbers to get the duplication. It is important to be discreet when getting keys, either new ones or duplicates.

What customers need to know about keys made by Theisens?

Theisens produces different types of keys for various automobiles. Theisens offers after-sales services, to show they care for their customers. Theisens sells keys to customers anywhere in the world after sending details of the vehicles to Theisens.

Not all customers who complain will be attended to by Theisens, therefore, customers should have professionals whom they can consult for expert advice when they have issues with their keys.


Theisens will continue to lead in the key production business, due to its easy access to raw materials, manpower, huge budget, and wide networks of companies spread in different countries of the world. The capacity to ensure customers get value for their money will always make Theisens to be trusted when it comes to making keys. More so, it will be easier for a new customer, who wants a new key to choose Theisens, based on positive information he gets from families and friends, who have patronized Theisens.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does Theisens make the best quality keys in the United States?

The keys made by Theisens are top-notch and have a warranty, as well as long-lasting.

2) Are customers’ complaints often attended to by customer services?

There are many reachable customer service care centers where complaints are lodged, with a timely response.

3) How long does it take to complete an order for a Ford key?

It usually takes a few days depending on the country. Orders outside the United States take longer days of at least seven days.

4) Why is Theisens the number one choice of many customers?

The ability to produce all types of keys for diverse brands of automobiles, and surpass market expectations make Theisens the darling of a large number of customers.

Do Theisens Make Keys?

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