Hampton Inn Pet Policy – What Is It?

Hampton Inn is a hotel and hospitality company in America, owned and controlled by Hilton worldwide with over 2,500 locations. Its headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Hampton Inn offers many services to customers, from the clean Hampton Inn to the free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and many other amenities to suit each customer. Let us know about ‘Hampton Inn Pet Policy’.

Hampton Inn Pet Policy

As a pet owner, either a cat or dog who wants to spend some nights in Hampton Inn with pets, many questions pop up in your mind. Are pets allowed in Hampton Inn? Will I be penalized for bringing my pets into Hampton Inn? Is Hampton Inn very pet friendly or not? 

This article will serve enough justice to all your many questions and more concerning Hampton Inn pet policy, the what’s and what not to do as a pet owner who wants to stay at Hampton Inn. Scroll down the paragraphs below for details.

General pet policy of Hampton Inn.

• The location of Hampton Inn determines if pets are allowed or not. With over 2000 Inns across the United States, Hampton Inn allows each location to choose if they want pets or not. Pets are allowed in some Inns while some others don’t.

Hampton Inns that allows pets such as Dogs, Cats, and the likes usually have specific weight limits. Customers who are pet owners and wish to bring their pets along with them are advised to check out and contact the Hampton Inn they would be lodging in to know if they are pet friendly or otherwise.

• The location of Hampton Inn also determines its pet policy and its level of being pet friendly. Each Hampton Inn decides its specific pet policy and expects that pet owner who patronizes them should abide by this policy.

However, one common denominator to all Hampton Inns in the United States is that they are pet-friendly. All sorts of pets are allowed to stay inside the hotels but they must not exceed the weight limit. Pet owners who wish to lodge in Hampton Inn that allows pets, are to make early reservations for their pets before visiting the Inn to avoid any form of embarrassment or disgrace.

• Pet owners are expected to pay a fee of $25-$100 per pet per night. This is the range of payments, the location of the Hampton Inn determines their prices but $25 is the minimum fee while $100 is the maximum fee. The price of a pet per night is a factor in the pet’s weight. Bigger pets attract higher fees and vice versa.

• Hampton Inn’s pet weight limit is between 25 lbs – 100 lbs. This is the range of pet weight and anything above this might not be considered.

Hampton Inn’s door is open to all pets but as earlier mentioned, it depends on the location. In some Hampton Inns, pet owners pay a pet fee of around $50- $70 per stay within a range of 1-4 days. They are equally expected to come along with nothing more than 2 pets, as 2 pets are the required number of pets that are permitted per room. The maximum pet weight is 75 lbs, anything above this won’t be accepted. No breed of pet is restricted, all forms of pets are allowed.

However, despite Hampton’s Inn being pet-friendly, it won’t always be available to pets because of its logistics and limitations. It might not always be able to grant every pet request because of some constraints. 

Final Thoughts

Hampton Inn is generally pet-friendly and allows pets into the hotel rooms but it still depends on the location. Some locations are not in support of having pets while some others are. Pet owners need to contact the Hampton Inn where they would stay to know everything about their pet policy, price per pet per night, and make reservations beforehand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there pet materials in Hampton Inn?

This depends on the Hampton Inn you’ll lodge in and their pet policy. Make contact with the preferred Hampton Inn and ask for more details so that you won’t be stranded with a pet.

  • Are there spots for my pets to play in Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn provides high-quality amenities and facilities to both humans and pets. There are lobby areas, a Fitness center, and other attractive sites in Hampton Inn that are conducive for pets without negative effects on their bodies.

  • If I come along with my pet to Hampton Inn will I pay an additional fee? 

Yes, of course. Hampton Inn will charge you based on your reservations. If you have made reservations for just one pet, you will be charged for the pet aside from your Inn payment. Your pet fee depends on your pet weight and the duration of time you wish to spend at Hampton Inn.

Hampton Inn Pet Policy – What Is It?

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