What Channel Is Syfy On In Dish?-Read To Know

What Channel Is Syfy On In Dish?
What Channel Is Syfy On In Dish?

What Channel is SYFY?

Syfy is an American-based cable channel launched by NBC universal cable Entertainment. Syfy was formerly named Sci-Fi, which specialized in Science fiction, fantasy, horror and paranormal programming. It was launched on 24th September, 1994. But the name Syfy was officially adopted on 7th July, 2004. Now we will see What Channel Is Syfy On In Dish?

What is Dish?

DISH – Digital Sky High, which is an American television platform. Dish is defined as a networking channel. Dish offers over – the-top IPTV Service, mobile wireless services, Dish wireless. In 2020, Dish acquired prepaid services to boost mobile phones and there is a chance to use postpaid services in the future. The company has approximately 16K – 18K employees. Earlier, there were a million televisions with 7-00000 broadband subscribers. Products that opted for DISH TV are Direct Broadcast Satellite, pay-over-the-top media services, pay television, pay-per-view. 

Dish Network’s revenue for Dish Network in 2022 is $17.714 Billion.Dish Network is currently with a gross profit of $5.96 Billion. Net Income for Dish Network in the first quarter of 2022 is $433 Million. Dish Network has ranked 197 worldwide. 

Achievements of Dish Network:

  • Recognized as the Most Attractive DTH Brand, recognized for the Best Direct Campaign in 2013.
  • iCMG Architecture Awards in 2012 as India is recognized as a power brand by the Indian consumer.
  • Recognized as the most trusted DTH Brand.
  • Achieved J.D.Power Award for overall customer satisfaction in 2020.

Reasons for Dish gaining popularity:

  • DTH comes with additional options like recording and HD channels which are not available on other platforms.
  • DTH provides flexibility to the users. 
  • A user can opt for any channel at any time and if it is modified next month and there is also an additional charge online.


  • All the Dish services rely on National Satellite for the customers.
  • Cable connections might be disrupted due to heavy rain or storms.
  • The major problems with Dish are disconnection. It may disconnect at any time.
  • Dish Services are expensive.

What channel is Syfy on Dish?

Syfy is available on Dish on Channel 122. SYFY, adds a spark of imagination to Dish Network. The SYFY channel always believed in building a dedicated culture by exploring their shows all over the world as a variety of shows the imagination so pop culture.  It is what drives exploring the world around us to create new things. There are many popular shows on Syfy, like Battle Stars Galactica, Mystery Science theatre 3000 and many more popular shows which are represented by Syfy. Earlier, when Syfy started, it was cancelled because it was very expensive and there were very small numbers of viewers because streaming channels were blocked from showing it. People have stopped watching it as they cannot access it. There are 10 achievements to unlock SYFY with a total of zero game score. It is what drives exploring the world around us to create new things. 

Genres that are available for SYFY Production:

  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Westerns
  • WARS
  • Rom-com
  • Horror
  • Actions
  • Drama
  • Thrillers
  • Historical

Many people disregard Sci-Fi (SYFY) as it is a rare science fictional story, so many people do not understand the concept of it. SYFY is a simple TV network channel which means “What If”. People can relate to supernatural hauntings and explanations-defying paranormal experiences.

But many people who use technology are really inspired by SYFY. As SyFy movies are not only an excellent source of entertainment, but also an excellent source of inspiration. SYFY is known as the best genre in the industry because of the choice of genres it selects. The choice of genres that attracts the audience to encourage SYFY are:

  • It speaks about real life problems.
  • SYFY inspires technological development
  • Create a relatable society and political system.

List of Shows that are broadcasted in SYFY:

  • AfterMath
  • Alien News Desk
  • Alphas
  • The Almighty Johnsons
  • 12 Monkeys
  • Black Scorpion
  • Bitten
  • Being Human
  • Beast legends
  • The Chronicle
  • Channel Zero
  • Caprica
  • Blood Drive
  • Collection Intervention
  • Continuum
  • Deals from the Dark side
  • Deadly Class
  • Deep South Paranomal
  • Dark Matter
  • Destination Truth
  • The Expanse
  • Doctor Who
  • Exposure
  • Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

These are the biggest shows of Syfy which successfully entertained and inspired the audience with truly and unknown events and grabbed the attention of the audience.

SYFY adds sparks to DISH Network as Dish Network is one of the biggest DTHs in the world and SYFY is a unique source of entertainment with inspiration. So, when SYFY is introduced to DISH, it was the biggest asset to both SYFY and DISH as well. As SYFY is best at content giving, DISH is one of the biggest networking services. So Dish is encouraging SYFY on their platform. By encouraging Sci-Fi (SYFY), Dish can increase their customers and SYFY will have a good platform to achieve more success.

SYFY programming involves in original programming included Television series under NCB ownership. In earlier years of SYFY, it is involved in original animated videos as well.

What Channel Is Syfy On In Dish?-Read To Know

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