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First of all, Youtube TV is one of the most used applications in today’s life, people use these kinds of platforms to entertain themselves as well as Youtube has given people a great business opportunity during the covid times. it became more popular since the pandemic. Let us know more detail about ‘First Of All – More About YouTube’.

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First Of All – More About YouTube

Today Youtube entertained the whole world and make people away from getting depressed during the lockdown periods. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and it also makes a place in peoples’ hearts. People enjoy watching Youtube TV and free videos. with the influence of it, children are learning things, and grown-ups making content and presenting them to this particular platform, in short Youtube has become a blessing for people these days.

Youtube tv does carry many channels in it, it serves cable TV channels.

Current Scenario 

In the current scenario, Android TVs can download the It’s TV application. There are many kinds of Android TV and Smart TVs like MI tv, Nokia, Sony, Panasonic, etc. All these TVs have an operating system that can download the app.

 Youtube TV functions in a different way, it doesn’t carry channel numbers, but there are uncountable numbers of channels that can be searched by clicking the search button which is the easier way to find any video or live shows.

By using the Youtube TV application a person can record live streaming shows for next the ninety days and watch any time. There is a software called DVR, which is one of the most remarkable features of It’s TV, with the help of this software it becomes much easier to save live streaming videos streaming on Youtube TV at that time. This software also gives a huge space so that people can download a huge number of programs they would love to watch later.

  • ‌channels people can watch on Youtube Tv: Sports Channels, Cartoon channels, news, Discovery, self-care channels, etc.
  • ‌Free Youtube Tv: After logging in with the Its TV it gives a 7days of free trial to a google account It’s been logged in and it’s a great business by Youtube TV to attract the people towards them, though part of the Its TV is always free. 
  • ‌Youtube TV vs Sling Tv: Sling TV is way cheaper than Youtube TV.
  • ‌Reviews: If you talk about Its TV there are mixed reviews, people say the software named DVR is the highest level of excellence a Youtube TV has, but for some other people, Youtube TV sometimes shows irrelevant things people don’t want.

Advanced YouTube Features

Advanced features, there are over 100 channels and more channels can be added by paying extra money. 

How to use Youtube TV?

You need a smart or android tv to download the application Youtube Tv at first, then your TV remote control should allow the TV to support the application, and it’s very important to have an internet connection with your smart or android tv. If all these things are going well with your device you can easily watch It’s TV. 

If you are using a smart or android tv most of the popular brands already carry this application it is popular. Other than this, Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. are there too but this is not the topic of our discussion.

But if you do not have this application prior then you can easily download this from the PlayStation of your smart TV.

If you do not want any more wires in your house and want to cut your cable connection then It’s TV is the best option a person can choose. You just have to pay a monthly subscription. 

it gives more than 70 live channels but doesn’t put them in order. Luckily, it’s up to the user, the user can arrange them according to their preference. To watch a specific channel excluding live channels the finest way is to scroll to the “Home” tab, then the list of channels will be in alphabetical order and then people must click on the channel so they can see the menu of the program. 

When a person is making a subscription by paying it comes with a DVR cloud storage with unlimited space, and this could be accessible across the whole country.

A person can watch Youtube TV even when they are traveling or in some other place where there is no TV present, with the help of a phone just to open the Youtube app.


Its advanced technology makes people watch Youtube TV even if the person is outside the home just by bringing the streaming stick with them. If the other place also has a smart TV, they can just plug in the streaming stick and watch It’s TV.

NOTE: Not every channel can be streamed in every region, similarly some specific channels are available only to a particular region.

YouTube – Know More

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