I Can’t Comment On YouTube

You may express your feelings when watching a YouTube video by clicking the Like or Dislike button. You may provide feedback on the YouTube video by leaving a comment. However, you may discover that you cannot leave comments on YouTube. You could wish to leave a remark on a YouTube video, but it won’t upload.

I Cant Comment On YouTube

You may not submit a comment because you have violated specific YouTube Community Guidelines. While you may believe that your remark is harmless and unharmful, it may violate the video streaming site’s regulations. So, before implementing any solutions below, ensure you’re not making negative remarks. Many video makers rely on their videos’ comments and feedback to improve their channel’s watching experience. So, why are you unable to post a comment on a video?

Reasons Why You’re Unable to Comment

  • The owner of the video has disabled YouTube comments.

If the video’s owner does not want people to remark on their videos, YouTube enables them to block YouTube comments. If you can’t comment on one video on YouTube, try commenting on another video from a different YouTuber to check if the procedure is effective. If you can’t comment on a single video on YouTube, it typically signifies that the owner doesn’t want you to and has disabled that function.

  • YouTube Restricted Mode Is Activated.

YouTube now includes a Restricted Mode function. It is accessible via the settings menu. This option provides a regulated atmosphere for parents and filters out any adult or inappropriate material. In restricted mode, comments are disabled. Check to see whether a restricted mode is enabled.

  • Blocked for Bad Comments on YouTube Videos.

You may not be permitted to comment. YouTube takes negative and spams comments very seriously. Every day, millions of comments are submitted. YouTube uses algorithms to screen out inappropriate and spam comments. Suppose you have made any inappropriate comments or spammed. You may be banned from commenting for an extended length of time. It is possible if several people report your remark.

  • YouTube Creators have turned off comments. 

The creator has the option of soliciting feedback from spectators. On YouTube, the author may determine whether they want comments on a particular video or not. Many YouTube producers utilize this function to prevent comments.

This tool is beneficial when a video is about a contentious issue. Visitors genuinely argue in the comments. Comments are occasionally turned off to discourage hatred and confrontations.

Check the remark is on YouTube. It will show “Comments are switched off.” You cannot comment on that specific video.

  • A VPN blocks you from commenting.

If you see an error such as “Comment failed to publish,” it might be due to the interference of a VPN provider. If you’re using a server-based outside your area, YouTube might identify this and restrict you from making comments. Try removing your VPN service and trying to write another comment.

Fixes on YouTube Comments

The most prevalent explanation for this issue is flawed in your profile settings. There are various problems you may check out to remedy this issue.

  • Check the Update status of YouTube on Android and iOS.

You should install Updates on applications should permanently since YouTube will have provided remedies to earlier YouTube difficulties in that update. A fresh update may offer the remedy if it’s a site.

  • Disable Ad Blockers on YouTube

If you are experiencing no comments, it is recommended to deactivate them since they may be causing YouTube to malfunction.

  • Specific Account Problems

Log in to YouTube using various Google accounts. If the comments appear with a different account, you’ll know it’s a problem with your prior account. This procedure may not be feasible for content makers, but it is worth attempting from a spectator’s standpoint.

If the previous procedures don’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app.


Users often browse the YouTube comments to acquire further information about a video, and they may critique the faults on this issue and offer their thoughts and experiences. You now know how to solve YouTube comments that aren’t loading on your device. It is pretty difficult to pinpoint the source of the issue.

Sometimes it’s simply your browser causing YouTube comments to disappear from a video. You may test this using a different browser on your PC, watching the same video, and checking whether the comments area appears. Those were solutions to the “YouTube comments not appearing” problem. 

Questions and Answers

1. Can They Bar You From Leaving Comments on YouTube?

Yes. You may be barred from leaving comments on YouTube. Everyone, including YouTube, appreciates valuable comments. Spamming or commenting on material that violates the standards might result in a ban from the Content Creator or YouTube itself.

2. How Do I Delete My Browser’s Cache?

Is the cache in your browser corrupted? It’s conceivable and possible that this is preventing comments from loading correctly. If you’ve come this far and YouTube is still not loading correctly, you must erase your browser’s cache and cookies. The disadvantage of this step is that it will delete any stored login information, requiring you to check in to all of your websites anew.

I Can’t Comment On YouTube

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