Blade Helicopters – Know More

About Blade helicopters

Blade helicopter is a service provided by BLADES Air Mobility, Inc. a company popularly known as BLADE, it is located in New York City, USA. It is an air transportation company that offers both scheduled and charter services on its large fleet which includes several helicopters. The blade helicopter service is provided to the general public in every city they are located in. Blade helicopters provide its customers a modern air travel platform and allow its customers to easily reserve seats on already scheduled flights, it also provides the arrangements for private charters at a time of their choosing. The blade helicopter service allows for easier, faster, stress – free and more efficient means of air transportation.  Keep reading to know more about Blade helicopters.

Blade Helicopters - Know More

Some of the helicopter models used by blade helicopters?

  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook
  • Mil Mi-26
  • Bell 407
  • Eurocopter AS350Ecureuil
  • NOTA

Which locations are blade helicopters available?

In the United States, blade helicopters can be accessed from the following locations locally;

  • New York City, USA
  • Southern California
  • San Francisco

Other prominent locations of blade helicopters are;

  • Mumbai, India
  • Goa, India et cetera.

How do you book a charter on a blade helicopter?

The BLADE Company is very customer-focused and they monitor all the workings of your request ready to guide you through every step. 

  • Log on to the BLADE app or their official website
  • Choose your origin.
  • Choose your destination.
  • Select the date and time you want the charter for.
  • Choose the aircraft (in this scenario it’s the helicopters).
  • Your charter will be booked and ready when you are.

What to expect from the blade helicopter service?.

What can be expected from the blade helicopter service is 

  • Hospitality; the blade helicopter service is famed for its hospitable treatment of customers and clients. You can expect the best behavior from staff and everything is done to your specifications. 
  • Efficient customer service; Requests from customers looking to charter a private helicopter are responded to with the greatest effort and every staff is available to make your air travel experience as seamless as it has ever been.
  • Easy and stress–free air travel; blade helicopter service guarantees an easy and stress–free travel experience and customers are assured of this as blade employees are trained to assure every inconvenience is taken care of.
  • Fast bookings and access to the best flight experience; not every individual has the means to afford a helicopter, a helipad, and every other facility necessary to ride a personal helicopter. Blade helicopters provide laymen a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access helicopter flights when necessary without all the costs of owning a helicopter. Its accessible luxury is the stuff of dreams. 

How much does a blade helicopter charter cost?

Before you book your first blade helicopter ride, it is essential to inquire and be informed about how much this service of chartering a helicopter costs. This often depends on many factors which we will discuss later on but there are certain averages from which you can estimate or at least have an idea of how much to put away to be able to afford a blade helicopter charter.

For blade USA,

  • You can charter your personal private helicopter for an average of $1575 to $1775 to or from an airport in your area at the shortest notice of a few minutes. 
  • You can also charter your own helicopter ride from JFK airport to a different local airport in advance for as economically $795 to $995. For this offer to be valid twenty – four hours’ notice must be given.

For blade India, 

  • A one-way ride from Mumbai to Shiridi can cost anywhere from Rs18,900 to Rs21,900
  • The Mumbai to Pune travel can range from Rs12,500 per person which comes with the free pick–up and drop–off services, access to the lounge, and some benefits from brands associated with the BLADE company.

You can also reduce your costs by crowdsourcing – which is when you sell the empty seats in your charter to reduce the general costs.

What factors can affect the cost of your blade helicopter charter?

In the USA, blade charter costs may differ based on the following reasons;

  • Location of the company for instance USA, India. Costs of hiring a blade helicopter may differ from area to area whether due to differences in currency or the general production cost of operating in that country.
  • Distance of flight for instance the longer the flight, the more fuel in use, and the more hours employees are logged in working means an increase in wages and other factors, hence more payment.
  • No of passengers; higher no of passengers means higher costa the price is per person. Blade helicopter service is priced by the seat so you don’t have to reserve the entire helicopter if you choose not to.
  • Special requests also acquire more costs as that is an extra service..
Blade Helicopters – Know More

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