Are Victoria’s Secret Period Panties Worth It?- Know More

This one is for the ladies. Victoria’s Secret, sticking to its mandate to care for women’s personal needs, has come up with a comfortable and accessible life-saver for the ladies in the form of period panties. This new creation provides comfort and avoids the sometimes itchy nature that accompanies the wearing of sanitary pads and tampons. The new Victoria’s Secret Panties are certainly in vogue as companies constantly pump out products that ease our way through life, this is one of such products. Let us learn about ‘Are Victoria’s Secret Period Panties Worth It?’.

Are Victorias Secret Period Panties Worth It?

Are Victoria’s Secret Period Panties Worth It?

Designed to reduce the money spent on tampons and sanitary pads and to provide comfort during use, the new period panties are a reusable commodity and will most likely end up being an attachment for the ladies. They are soft and have a protective layering that prevents leaks during periods. 


The effectiveness of these panties varies from day to day. On heavier flow days, they should be worn with pads or tampons and serve as a second line of defense, on moderate and lighter flow days, they can be worn solo and provide the ease and comfort that soft cotton materials provide. 

These panties have four-layer protection from leaks and can hold up to 14ml, which is as much as two regular tampons. Comprised of:

  • Cotton blend layer to take in liquid.
  • Added absorbency to protect against leaks.
  • Water-resistant fabric augments protection.
  • Soft fabric with elasticity provides 24 hours comfort.

In addition to the bikini panty that holds up to 14ml, the boyshorts panty is also a great choice, it holds up to 21ml, which is equivalent to three regular tampons. The period panty hipsters are another variant of the period panties and can also contain up to 14ml. The period panty thong on the other hand holds 3.5ml and should be used at the end of a period. These panties also contain antimicrobial technology on the 3rd layer of the panties that reduce odor-causing bacteria.  


 The period panties in addition to being a safeguard during periods are quite affordable. One good thing about the period panties is that they are reusable. Unlike disposable sanitary pads, the panties are reusable and can be machine washed up to 50 times if it has proper care. This set of underwear, like all good things, comes in different versions; the bikini versions of the smooth period panties typically cost $19.50, and the boyshorts version $22.50. In the spirit of economizing, Victoria’s Secret has also released a 3-pack boyshorts panties for an affordable $59, which costs $8.5 less than three individual boyshorts panties, and the period panty thong goes for $16.50. 


I believe I speak for all ladies when I say tampons and pads can be a tad uncomfortable although necessary during periods, but the new period panties by Victoria’s Secret provide comfort that no other period protection product can offer. 

Composed of a layer of cotton and soft fabric which provides round-the-clock comfort,  the new Victoria’s Secret panties provide all-around, all-day comfort during periods. In addition to ease and all-around affordability, the new Victoria’s Secret panties designed to be soft, smooth, and stretchy are also hip-fitting with moderate back coverage that affords a sense of comfortability and assurance. The nylon-spandex blend material which the panties consist of is also comfort-giving. 


The period panties in addition to durability, are very easy to maintain. A simple machine wash after a short rinse under running water is effective in maintenance, and these panties can retain absorbency for as many as 50 washes. These panties can last this long if they are appropriately cared for and looked after. 

Matching Sets

One thing that is important to women is clothes that match. Matching sets apart from being in vogue look stunning and Victoria’s Secret has afforded women the luxury of matching these panties by producing matching sleepshirts which come in so many cuts of so many colors, this is a splendid combination that boosts the confidence of the wearer in a brand that cares enough about them to produce such sensitive underwear in a matching set with sleepwear. So we have learnt ‘Are Victoria’s Secret Period Panties Worth It?’.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How many types of Victoria’s Secret period panties exist? 

The period panties come in thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, and hipster panties. They come in different colors, shapes, and designs to fit user preferences. 

  • How long can I use the panties?

It all depends on how regularly you wear them and how many of them you own, although customer care recommends that after 50 washes, the panties should be discarded. That means that with a variety of this helpful brand of underwear, the period panties can last for several years. 

  • Can I get infected by Period Panties?

Absolutely not. Period panties are safer and more hygienic than pads and tampons. They are also eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals.  

The demand for these panties is constantly on the rise because they are functional, more economical in the long run, more hygienic, and eco-friendlier. The new period panties are a must-have for anyone looking to have a more pleasant period experience. 

Are Victoria’s Secret Period Panties Worth It?- Know More

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