Free Compost Near Me?


Compost is an association of chemical or organic ingredients for fertilizing the soil or improving its composition to enhance the production yield in urban agriculture, organic farming, gardens (vegetable), horticulture, landscaping, and others. As organic fertilizer, compost provides nutrients to crops, increases the organic matter content of the soil, increases the physical quality of the soil, and adds other microbes able to strike off some pathogens present in the soil. With its numerous organic composition, compost is very rich in nutrients and for sure, all farmers and vegetable gardeners’ lovers will appreciate having it at their disposal. The good news is that there are several ways to get compost free.

Free compost near me?

Have A Look At Your Local Programs

In some cities, people are caring so much about the well-being of their environment. For that purpose, some strategies are put into place to reduce the quantity of any materials, organic or inorganic such that they can be used profitably. Thus, environmental programs are organized for recycling organic materials and sharing them with inhabitants for free.

So, just look around you to check whether such programs are operating in your location. In the United States, for example, we have RethinkWaste services that offer free compost for residents (as long as they have their containers) in some areas in California such as San Mateo.

To have access to such program, center, and organization not far from you, use any search engine type: free compost center or free compost pickup, or free compost give away followed by the name of your location. 

  • Craigslist

In this center, compost will not always be available but free firewood is always available free. One can get them and store them for decomposition. To have access to free compost on Craigslist, follow these steps: go to free Craigslist in your town, look for the section entitled ‘For sale’ where you click under ‘Free’, and then, search for the word ‘Compost’ in the research band. From these steps, you might have a list of people near you distributing free compost.

  • OfferUp

The general knowledge about OfferUp is a nearby place where things are bought and sold. However, we can also find there people sharing free compost nearby. 

  • FreeCycle

Here, just get in touch with their site, and surely you might find people giving and receiving things free and among those things, we have free compost.

  • Facebook Marketplace

This is similar to OfferUp in terms of buy and sell but it has a section for getting things free including free compost near you. Compost is a necessary ingredient if one desires to have great soil and automatically healthy plants.

  • CompostNow

In this company, it is a kind of exchange between them and residents. They come to your home to give ‘free’ compost and receive in turn some food scraps. For you to be eligible, you must sign in and the same week, they will a clean bin for you; the bin must be filled with food scraps that they will collect, and then you earn compost.

However, in this company, just two days of collection are compost free after that, the resident must pay for them to deliver their product (compost). The monthly cost is either $29 or $35.

Getting Free Compost Materials

  • From home

You might decide not to through away any waste (food scraps, fruit scraps, potato peels, vegetable scraps, etc.), and gather them all into a compost bin for further use.

  • Through communication

Get in touch with your friends, Neighbors, local coffeehouses, landscaping companies in your local area, grocery stores, local farmers, restaurants, dinner near you so on so forth.


There is always a way of gathering compost. One of the greatest things produced by a human being is the waste reason why, when there is not an efficient waste management system in a country, it is a disaster in terms of environmental pollution and the rest. Almost everything is available online nowadays, if you are looking for something, do not go far, just get an android App and surely you can always be satisfied by at least you will have a piece of information about what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Are they advisable materials for home compost?

Answer: Yes for sure. At home, what can go inside your compost bin include vegetables, bread, fruit, cereals, eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, sawdust, leaves, houseplants, wood chips, boxes, and papers, etc.

  1. Are the materials for home compost that are not advisable?

Answer: Yes. Fish, meat, eggs, poultry scarps, greases, oils, fat, charcoal and/or coal ash, yogurts, milk, sour, domestic animals’ feces, etc. The reason why these materials should be avoided are: they can produce odors that can induce indoor pollution, some of these materials such as charcoal and coal ashes are disastrous for plants, and their decomposition might produce insects and even disease that will negatively affect the plants or the garden.

Free Compost Near Me?

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