How Much Do Corsages Cost?- Know More


Flowers are beautiful to look at and are therefore used in various forms. They are set into bouquets, arranged in vases, and often used as corsages. A corsage is a small bunch of flowers that is usually worn pinned to the bodice, lapel of a dress, or jacket. It is usually used for weddings, proms, and other formal events. A corsage is made up of one or more flowers. Focal flowers and fillers are used in making a corsage. This further enhances its appearance. As much as the beautiful flowers are used to beautify the corsage, it also affects the price. How much do corsages cost? On average, corsages costs about $35 to $45.

How Much Do Corsages Cost- Know More

Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Corsage

The cost of a corsage depends on several factors: type of flower, the color of the flower, number of flowers, type of corsage, location, and season, among others. 

Type of flower

The type of flowers used in a corsage, whether one type or mixed affects the price. Corsages made from roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and orchids are usually more common and so are moderately expensive. Those made from lilies are more expensive. Artificial flower corsages are the least expensive type of corsages, they are also called faux flowers, or silk flowers and they are usually made from polyester, protein and other polymers.

Color of flower

Pink, white, and yellow flowers are quite popular and can be readily gotten. Corsages worn have to complement the dress or shirt of the wearer, hence the color. Blue flowers are rarer to find and so might require some extra work, hence, making them more expensive than the usual.

Number of flowers

The number of flowers in a corsage also affects the price. The number of flowers in a corsage ranges from 1 to 5; it is a proportional increase, the more the flowers, the higher the price!

Type of corsage

There are pin-on corsages; also called boutonnieres and there are wrist corsages, also called wristlets; that is, tied around the wrist. The wristlet is better for strapless dressed while the pin-on is better for sleeved dresses, and jackets. A pin-on corsage of a certain arrangement would cost lesser than a wrist corsage. The wrist corsage is usually bigger than a pin-on and so would make use of more flowers.


Your location also affects the pricing because some flower choices are not available or abundant in some places. For instance, trying to use the Ghost orchid or the Lady orchid in the UK as it is rare to find in the United Kingdom.


Searching for certain flowers in certain seasons might prove to be a huge task. Therefore, the effort put into it makes for an increase in the price.

Making A Corsage

You can make your corsage in a few steps but you have to be careful as it might not be as easy as it seems and looks. While thinking of making your corsage, it is worthy to note that it doesn’t drastically reduce the amount spent on making it. The materials needed are a corsage pin, floral wire gauge, wire cutters or scissors, floral tape, flowers (focal and fillers), and ribbon. You can follow these few steps to make your own.

  • Step 1: properly pick and trim your corsage flowers with the scissors
  • Step 2: Wire and tape the flowers with floral tape and wire
  • Step 3: Arrange the flowers, starting from the larger ones
  • Step 4: Tape them together to make a base
  • Step 5: Add the smaller flowers to the side of the large ones
  • Step 6: Add fillers (lavender, fern, baby’s breath, delphinium) into the empty spaces and gaps
  • Step 7: Tape them all together with floral tape and trim the end of the wires and tape it
  • Step 8: Make a bow out of a ribbon and insert the taped flowers into it.
  • Your corsage is ready

When Do You Use A Corsage?

A corsage can be used at formal events. Events such as weddings, prom, and graduation usually feature a corsage. You can even make your mom a corsage for Mother’s day! Corsages can also be used at semi-formal events like holiday parties and some dinners.


Corsages add the right amount of flair to an outfit if gotten right. Pick a complementing colour rather than the exact colour of the dress or shirt and voila! You have an amazing outfit ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a boutonniere and a corsage?

A boutonniere is a pin-on corsage

Is it only a bride that uses a corsage?

No, the bridal party and even the bride’s family can use a corsage

Is a corsage only decorative?

A corsage is both decorative and functional. Ushers use it as a means of recognition as helpers at events

How Much Do Corsages Cost?- Know More

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