The Grocery Rewards And The Loyalty Programs – Know More


The grocery bills are one of our survival requirements that we cannot avoid because we have to eat. Due to the covid-19 and the current Russia-Ukraine invasion, the cost of groceries has been a steady increase which has made it difficult for the average lower class to afford their next meal. The grocery rewards and the loyalty programs is one way for people to get discounts or some other benefits when grocery shopping. If you are a low-income earner, you will need to save as much money as you can when shopping for your basic amenities. The grocery rewards or loyalty program will be perfect for you. The rewards program is usually offered by a lot of companies, supermarkets, and grocery retailers as a way of appreciating and retaining their loyal customers.

The Grocery Rewards And The Loyalty Programs- Know More

The Grocery Rewards or Loyalty Programs

Grocery reward programs are benefits that grocery companies provide for their customers in other to provide a good shopping experience for them and to retain their customers. These benefits can be in the form of coupons, buy 1 get 1 free promo, sell-offs, and free shipping for the online stores.

A lot of grocery stores have a loyalty program where you are awarded points for every dollar you spend. After accumulating these points to a certain amount, you can redeem your prize by getting free goods or discounts on particular items.

Every grocery store has its pattern of running the grocery rewards program.

Advantages of the Grocery Rewards or Loyalty Program.

The grocery rewards/loyalty programs provide the following benefits to both the company and its customers.

  1. Retain Customers
  2. Reduce the Cost of Grocery Shopping
  3. Reduce Slow Season
  4. Gain New Clients
  5. Increase Profit

Stores that Offer the Grocery Reward Program

There are lots of grocery stores that offer a grocery rewards program. Some of these stores are:

Giant Supermarkets

Their reward program is called the giant flexible rewards program and it allows you to gain points from buying groceries and use them to get discounts on groceries brought from their store or online. For every 100 points earned, you get $1 in savings.

Kroger Company

The store under the Kroger company offers reward programs that are focused on online shoppers. The Kroger stores with reward programs have a Rewards World Elite MasterCard that is available for the members. If you have the card, you have access to 2% cash back for every $1 spent in the Kroger stores.

Piggy Wiggly Stores

This store offers pig points to its customer as a reward program. Accumulating up to 300 pig points will get you a discount on food and gas. 


With the sprouts app, you can get access to their weekly grocery specials, monthly grocery deals, and discounts. You also get a 10% discount on vitamins and body care when you spend up to $100.

Albertson’s for U

Albertson’s for U offers a reward program to its customer. This program has a lot of incentives but you will need to sign up the program. When you sign up, you get a $5 discount on anything you buy that is worth $25 or more. Some of the benefits attached to this program include a free birthday treat, digital coupons, personalized offers, a free item every month, discounts on gas and groceries, and you will also get the chance to earn a point on every dollar you spend on buying groceries and two points on every dollar your spend on gift cards. You can redeem a reward after every 100 points accumulated.


They have the AdvantEdge Card loyalty program available both in-store and online. You can gain 1 point on every $1 you spend and get $1 off of your grocery purchases or 5 cents off a gallon of gas with a maximum of 20 gallons when you get up to 100 points. Your points can also be used to pay college debts, donate, and so much more.

Publix Supermarket

If you are a customer of this supermarket, you can sign up for their free reward program known as Club Publix. Some of the rewards you can enjoy in this program include a digital coupon, birthday treats, and personalized deals. You also get to be one of the first to know about sales offers that are available.

Stop & Shop app

You can enjoy their loyalty offer through their app and at their website You can get discounts on groceries and gas with the points you have accumulated.

Southeastern Grocery Store

Their reward program is known as the Winn-Dixie Rewards Program and you get a point on every $2 spent and $1 grocery discounts for every 100 points accumulated. 

Some other grocery stores that offer the grocery reward program are Walmart, Target, Tom Thumb, and Walgreens.


The grocery reward program is one reliable way of reducing the grocery bills which consume a large part of our income. Some of these store’s reward programs are better than the others so pick the one that suits you best and register as a member so you can start saving and enjoying these benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Grocery Store Loyalty Card?

A loyalty card is a card that gives you access to discounts and special offers that are available at a particular store.

Does Walmart have a Loyalty Program?

Yes, they have a loyalty program.

The Grocery Rewards And The Loyalty Programs – Know More

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