Companies With Lifetime Guarantees

     Ever noticed that no matter how careful you are in using a product, it will either tear or get worn out one day? We always have the mindset that to save money, buy products that last but what if I tell you that to save money buy products that have companies’ lifetime guarantees.

Companies With Lifetime Guarantees

     There are lots of companies out there that offer lifetime guarantees to customers. Though the prices could be alarming you have an assurance. Some of these are JanSport, Columbia Sports Wear, Duluth Trading Company, Filson, Osprey, Red Oxx, and many more.  Buy their products and when they wear out or fall apart, you get a repair or they can be replaced. In some cases, you get a full refund.

What is a Lifetime Guarantee?

     This is an agreement between the manufacturers and the client. It covers the notion that the manufacturer will replace or repair a product sold to the consumer/client. The beautiful part is that it takes place at no additional cost.

     The lifetime in it to some persons refers to the lifetime of the manufacturer or client but it refers to the lifetime of the product. That is to say when that product is in production.

Brands and Companies that Offer Lifetime Guarantees

  • Patagonia

     This is a company that deals in the sales of adventure clothes, and gear. An unsatisfied customer can return products. On returning, the company can repair, replace or refund you. You can as well return to the company or the store you purchased from.  

     Patagonia further states that damage due to wear and tear will be fixed at “a reasonable charge”

  • JanSport

     JanSport is a backpack company established in 1967. Parents have identified Jansport’s backpack as top-quality work. It doesn’t stop at backpacks, the company also has messenger bags, hiking bags, and fancy packs. Jansport products are guaranteed through the lifetime of the product. 

     The guarantee covers all manufacturing defects (material and workmanship inclusive). Examples of damage guaranteed are torn seams, broken buckles, or bad zippers. Note that damages due to wear and tear like fading are not covered.

  • Feetures

     This is a sock-making company. Socks for athletes are also made by them. The company gives a lifetime guarantee on its products. There’s a refund or replacement for any return made.

  • Columbia Sports Wear

     The Columbia sportswear company offers a limited lifetime guarantee. The company is in charge of outwear and its equipment.

     Manufacturer flaws are fixed by the company. However, products that have been subjected to wear and tear will not be replaced. The guarantee is valid for the life of the product.

  • Briggs and Riley

     The Briggs and Riley company is in charge of luggage. Briggs and Riley repair any damage to their products for free. It covers all the uses and functions of the luggage. 

     Thereby, giving you a chance to travel without worries. The only issue here is that the guarantee does not cover damage to the luggage’s content or even replacing lost B&R bags.

  • Duluth Trading Company

     The Duluth Trading Company makes clothes, footwear, and outerwear. The company offers a “No Bull Guarantee” on its products to ensure satisfaction.

     The guarantee is stated as one year but the company considers return even after the one-year mark.

  • Filson

     The following items: luggage, fishing and hunting equipment, and apparel are guaranteed by the company. These products are lifetime guaranteed against any damage but the company does not cover tear and wear or even the overuse of a product against its intended purpose.

  • HydroFlasks

     Just like the name implies, the company makes flasks and its related products such as Tumblers. The company offers its clients a limited lifetime guarantee throughout the product’s lifespan. The Damages are repaired and replaced on the condition that the damages are due to the intended use.

  • Osprey

     The Osprey company is not bothered about how long you’ve owned the packs. They repair every damage or defect and in cases where repair is not the answer, they replace.

  • Red Oxx

     The Red Oxx company offers a No Bull lifetime warranty which covers all travel bags (luggage) and their accessories. Repairs and replacements are there for unsatisfied customers.

     There’s a long list of other companies asides from the ones listed in this article that also offer lifetime guarantees. They include:

  1. Craftsman
  2. Eddie Bauer
  3. Darn ToughSocks
  4. Nordstrom
  5. Camelbak
  6. Timbuk2
  7. Chacos
  8. Le Creuset

9) North Face

10) Tilley Hats

11) Gibson

Are There Benefits of Companies With Lifetime Guarantee?

     Yes, there are lots of benefits gotten from these companies.

     The first benefit is increased customer loyalty. Take for instance, when customers are to decide between products and one of the products has a lifetime guarantee, what do you think will be their choice? People move with brands they trust irrespective of price.

     In the process, you get customers who become loyal to your brand and what it stands for. Loyal customers make more purchases. This is also in line with the fact that they become your brands, informal advertisers. They tell customers about your brand and how the customers are covered if they are not able to provide what they need.


     Don’t have the mindset that buying products at low cost is the best way to save money. What is the lifespan of that product purchased at a low cost? And how many more do you think offer guarantees and warranties on a product that covers the products either throughout the buyer’s life span or the product life span.

     However, you may spend a bit upfront in the purchase of these products but I bet you, they are worth every penny. 

  • What is the difference between a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime warranty?

A lifetime warranty covers all defects in workmanship and materials, unlike the limited lifetime warranty.

  • What is needed to make a guarantee legally enforceable?

For a guarantee to be legally enforceable, it must be in writing. Also, it ought to be signed by the guarantor.

  • What does it mean to have a limited lifetime warranty?

A limited lifetime guarantee covers all damages and defects from the manufacturer, but it does not cover regular wear and tear.

Companies With Lifetime Guarantees

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