Iron Infusion Cost – Know More

Iron infusion treatments have fast become the choice medium of therapy for severe iron deficiency, such as in cases of iron deficiency anemia. Essentially they are a form of treatment where iron is directly administered into the bloodstream intravenously to bypass the oral protocol. This measure is often necessary when the conventional medium of absorption of iron is impaired. That is to say, in cases where iron absorption or consumption is problematic, an infusion may be necessary. Let us know more about “Iron Infusion Cost”.

Iron Infusion Cost - Know More

Should your doctor suggest an infusion, one of the following may be the cause:

  • Inability to ingest iron orally
  • Inability to absorb iron from the gut regardless of supplements or iron-rich meals
  • Rapid blood loss
  • A need to fast-track the increase of blood iron levels
  • An alternative to or prevention of blood transfusion.

Typically, iron infusion costs range from $400 to $4500 depending on the nature of your treatment. Your treatment may vary significantly in cost based on the type of treatment you are getting, the frequency and location of treatment along with additional treatment costs accrued in the process.

The Type of Treatment 

There are varying brands of iron infusion medication on the market and they vary in cost, and quite significantly too. The more prominent and most used brands however are just five in number and their costs per treatment are:

  • Ferrlecit: $412 
  • Venofer: $825 
  • Infed: $1502 
  • Feraheme: $3087 
  • Injectafer: $4316 

Medical practitioners say that although differing staggeringly in cost, these brands do contain similar compositions of iron. News also presents that Injectafer and Feraheme are more frequently used by medical personnel than the less expensive ones. 

While some have argued that the more expensive brands can be used to avoid multiple usages and that this speaks to the efficacy of the formulations, there is still the financial incentive to use the more expensive infusions. It is in your best interest to make detailed inquiries about what brand is being used to avoid a gigantic medical bill. 

The Frequency of Treatment 

The need for iron infusion may result from several reasons, some of which require short-term administration of iron while others a more long-term approach. In temporary cases such as pregnancy and breastfeeding where iron deficiency is a result of the transfer of iron to a fetus or the breastfeeding child, iron infusion treatments can be halted after the affected period. However, in other cases like constant blood loss due to menstruation, inability to absorb iron from food and supplements, severe iron deficiency anemia, and treatment of leukemia, repeated, long-term, and a continued administration of iron infusions will be the best approach. 

Furthermore, dosages also differ per condition. For context, in a case of hemorrhaging or rapid blood loss where the blood and iron level needs to be speedily increased, the dosage of infusion will differ from that of a breastfeeding mother. Consequently, more infusions will be administered regardless of if the patient does not require infusions in the future.

The Location of Treatment

Usually, iron infusions are suggested and administered by hematologists. However, they can also be administered by other medical practitioners. Each healthcare facility not only charges different service fees but also uses different types of iron infusion IVs. Your treatment cost at a public hospital will differ from what you are charged at a private facility. 

Also, there are healthcare service providers who provide the service of iron infusion home treatment. Since iron infusion rarely has major side effects if proper profiling, test dosing, and administration are done, it is not a major procedure. Hence, it can be done at home or at a place of convenience for the patient. However, these would surely extract extra charges, thereby increasing the overall cost of treatment.


Iron infusions treatments are typically simple procedures, however, the type of formulation employed greatly influences the overall cost of treatments. The longer the treatment you require or the higher the dosage your condition attracts, the costlier your treatment will be as well. Other hospital service fees depending on the location or type of facility you employ also color the general cost of your treatment. In all, do estimate your total cost using the $400 to $4500 and the number of times you require treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Insurance Cover Iron Infusion Treatments?

Like in other health conditions, and depending on your plan as well, insurance does cover iron infusions if deemed necessary for your condition.

  • Are Iron Infusions Better Than Injections?

Yes, they are considered better and quicker than injections. They are often prescribed after using oral supplements and injections. Also, injections have more side effects.

  • Does Iron Infusion Have Side Effects?

Usually, under proper administration, there are no major side effects but you may experience headaches, nausea, and vomiting. muscular pain, itchiness, rash, reaction at the administration site, or a temporary bad taste in your mouth. However, these are temporary.

  • How Long Do Iron Infusions Take?

Usually, they take 3-4 hours tops after which one can return to their daily activities afterward if their underlying condition is not severe.

Iron Infusion Cost – Know More

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