Fire TV Remote App Not Working

No TV shows or movies if your fire TV remote app doesn’t work or keeps disconnecting. You can use Android or iPhone to fix your Firestick remote app. Fire TV remote app fix? Reinstall the app, erase its cache, and restart your phone. Unplug your Fire Stick and TV, then reconnect them. Clean the remote’s battery terminals. Restart Firestick, Select & Play at a time Press your Fire TV remote’s home button for manual pairing. Let’s know what to do in case Fire TV Remote App Not Working.

Fire TV Remote App Not Working

To fix your Firestick TV remote app, identify the cause. We will discuss troubleshooting the fire Tv remote App not working.

Why won’t my Fire TV app connect/work?

  • The Fire Stick remote app may stop working, connect, or disconnect constantly for these reasons:
  • Firestick apps use Bluetooth, not infrared. Their 30-foot range inhibits app functionality.
  • Fire Stick app required. Replaced the remote? Pair it.
  • Some Firestick apps aren’t phone compatible. Supports Android, Kindle, and iOS. App compatibility issues can impede Fire Stick use.
  • Most electronic items near your TV or phone can interfere with Bluetooth.
  • Your Fire Stick remote works without a line of sight.
  • Obstructions can restrict app range.
  • Faulty Fire TV or phone parts can block signals. Software errors are alike.

Fire TV remote app fix?

You can fix the app with the above information. Since the app isn’t always the problem, we’ll provide you with a complete approach to troubleshooting.

  1. Check network connectivity
  • Your phone and Fire Stick must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Check the network on your phone, then the TV.
  • Fire Stick remote’s home button.
  • Setup, Network, Network Name.
  • Connect to the correct network.
  1. Match
  • Never-used Fire Stick remote apps aren’t paired. Errors can unpair it.
  • Here’s how to pair the app with Firestick:
  • Turn on the Firestick.
  • Start the gadget.
  • Keep your phone (remote) near the Fire Stick.
  • Long-press the Fire TV’s Home button.
  • 10 seconds on Home.
  • Check the Fire Stick remote.
  • Repeat the instructions if the problem persists.
  1. Restart Firestick

Select and play to restart Firestick. This process can fix difficulties with the Fire TV app.

  1. Reinstall the Fire TV app
  • After troubleshooting our Fire Stick, we recommend doing this. Here’s the app.
  • Device settings.
  • Apps.
  • Choose Installed Apps.
  • Uninstall the Fire TV app.
  • App store.
  • Reinstall Fire TV’s app.
  • After reinstalling the software, power cycle your Fire Stick as mentioned above before using it.
  • Clean battery connections.
  • Clean your battery compartment and use fresh batteries.
  1. Restart your firestick

This is a straightforward and effective solution to fix numerous Fire Stick issues, including app issues.

Wait a few minutes, then plug in your Fire Stick.

Disconnect the USB cord and power adapter for a few minutes, then reconnect them and verify for appropriate connection.

  1. Check remote

Check if your remote works. You can borrow or buy a remote to pair with your TV and app. If it works, your remote, not your app, was broken.

Reconnect your remote

  • If the preceding recommendations didn’t work, try refreshing your remote app’s Fire Stick connection. Unpair and rejoin it as follows:
  • Go to Settings with a remote.
  • Then pick Amazon Fire TV remotes under Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  • Scroll to the broken remote, press Menu, and Select. The chosen remote disappears.
  • Long-press Home on the unpaired device after selecting Add New Remote.
  • When Fire Stick asks, press the Select button on your remote.
  • To re-pair, the remote app, do that. It fixes software issues. If not, try again.

Reset your phone

Bugs prohibit your phone from running the Fire Stick app. Resetting the phone reboots its hardware and software.

Consult the device’s manual for specific instructions.


If you’ve used Fire Stick remote apps for a while, we’ve probably covered all the issues that you’ve had with them. We have also given you all the advice you need to resolve these problems on your own.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • 1. Why isn’t the remote app for my Fire TV working?

Delete the program’s cache if necessary. It reinstalls app updates. Android needs: So? App or home screen icon for Amazon Fire TV Remote.

  • 2. Can the app replace a Fire TV remote?

It’s easy. Phone and Fire Stick should share a Wi-Fi network. Choose the Fire Stick from the app’s Available Devices page. Enter the TV’s code into the app to pair devices.

  • 3. Can the Fire TV app replace a remote?

It’s easy. Join your phone and Fire Stick’s Wi-Fi network. Choose the Fire Stick from the app’s Available Devices page. Enter the TV’s code into the app to pair devices.

Fire TV Remote App Not Working

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