Free Appliances Removal 

If we are moving, shifting to a new place, or buying new appliances, we want the removal of the appliances for free. The appliance may be anything like a washing machine, dishwasher, bed, and many more.

free appliances removal 

In today’s lifespan, at some point, we need to replace our appliances after running so many years. We replace the equipment because of their wear and tear, and damage to the appliance. Due to continuous changes in technology, new and upgraded models are coming into the market. This is also one of the reasons why people are replacing their appliances.

From the above-mentioned condition, we required the appliance removal service. But there are no standardized fees for appliance removal. They will charge differently according to their norms. 

So, the question is where we can find the free removal services?

1. Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD): 

  • The answer is, that the best option is “Responsible Appliance Disposal”. They provide the services like dry removal, fridges, and hauling of appliances. They are a proper utility company, which provides you incentives in place of return for appliances. So, this is one of the great ideas to get some cash on behalf of your old appliances. 
  • They provide free appliance removal service and sometimes give you cash for your old machines.
  • The only requirement is your machine should be in working order.
  • What they accept: they accept fridges, dryers, AC

2. The Salvation Army:

  • It provides free service and free pickup services.
  • They are church-owned companies
  • They require that the appliance should be free from rust and it should be working.
  • They accept: heaters, fridges, stoves, washing machine

3. Goodwill:

  • It is one of the growing fast, free removal services. They train the poor people, how to repair the received appliances.
  • They remove things free of cost. They accept the clothes, non-working appliances, stoves, dishwashers

4. Habitat for Humanity ReStores:

  • This is your to-go place if you want free removal services.
  • They also do charity for free land they go to selected areas. They accept working condition appliances like dryers, freezers, and dishwashers.


5. St. Vincent de Paul:

  • This is a Catholic charitable organization that offers free services. They help the poor people by providing them the donated items.
  • They accept home décor, clothing, electronics, mattress, and many more. All the things should be in working condition but they should not be older than 10 years



  • This is one of the leading Veteran service organizations. It provides donation services in some states like Texas, Maryland, and Washington DC.
  • There cost of removal is free for small appliances, such as toasters, food processors, blenders, and many more small items.

7. Vietnam Veterans of America:

  • This is Vietnam Veterans charitable organization, they are dedicated to the soldiers and the servicemen. The things which they get, they send to support the veterans.
  • They have free pickup services. they accept small appliances and the donation that they do, it should be marked VVA pickup to avoid confusion.


8. Costco:

  • They have so many warehouses and support different charitable organizations.
  • They provide free hauling services if you buy a new appliance from their company.
  • They will remove the old appliance in replace it with a new one.

9. Lowe’s:

  • It is the second-largest store in home improvement with so many stores.
  • They provide offers discounts like military, seasonal, and coupon discounts. They provide free removal of appliances, they accept dryers, ovens, and many more.


 10. American Council of the Blind:  (ACB)

  • The ACB is one of the best options if you are living in the Texas area for the removal of free services. They help the blind or visually disabled person with all the profits they get from this.
  • They also do not take fees for the removal of appliances. They accept all the things which are in working and usable conditions.


We all have that time when you have to replace or change your old stuff. After all, we are using the things in our daily life either at home or work. For this, we have to find a free appliance removal service. Although we have both services paid and unpaid. By giving the old appliance, it can be donated to someone needy. The plus point is that you will get a tax deduction also. Thus, choosing the service is dependent on us which helps our land also because using old electronics can cause harm when disposed of in landfills. So just because of this step, you can save from global warming as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Does Home Depot offer free appliances?

A.1: No, it does not offer the free services, they will charge for your old stuff. For every appliance they will charge you around 25$, this cost may vary also. They also take delivery charges.

Q.2: what are the places that are willing to pay for the old appliance?

A.2: There are so many options available if you are seeking to get pay for your old appliances.

Free Appliances Removal 

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