Google Return Policy – Process Involved In It


Customers have 15 calendar days to return electronic products that don’t meet their needs. The Google Store’s return policy is notoriously hard to deal with, which makes many customers unhappy. For instance, they must contact Google, get a return form, and meet several other requirements.

Google Return Policy

Google return policy

For the vast majority of items in the Google Store, returning them is easy. A refund will be given within 15 days of the original purchase date. Marked items that can’t be returned won’t be eligible for a refund. Items that have been opened, used, or received damaged cannot be returned, and neither can items that are missing parts. No exceptions are made. After following the Google return policy comes the refund policy.

According to Google’s policy on refunds, users can expect to get their money back in the same way they paid for the original purchase. If you return an item from Google, you will have to pay a restocking fee on top of the cost of shipping.

Processes involved in Google’s refund policy

You can return or exchange an item at the Google Store within 15 days of the day you got it. If you choose a delivery option other than their usual, cheapest option, your payment method will be returned, minus any extra fees. After getting the equipment, returns are taken care of within 14 days.

All phones that are returned are charged a restocking fee of $35. However, depending on where you live, you might have to pay tax on the restocking fee.

If an item is damaged or sent to the wrong person, the customer is not charged a fee to send it back. This policy also applies if you bought a device by mistake.

Under OnTech’s generous return policy, you can send back any item you bought during a delivery or installation appointment.

Shipping Refund Procedures at Google

Google Store products may be returned within 15 days of the original purchase date, excluding Nest Thermostats. You may return damaged, defective products throughout the warranty term. 

Just below your order is the option to see order information. You need to do a few simple things on the website you just went to to get a confirmation email.

The email will tell you how to reply. If you get an email saying that you can’t return the things you bought, it’s probably because the return period has ended or the product is broken.

As soon as Google tells you that your return has been accepted, you must pack up and send back your items.

When sending a device or accessory, make sure that the box has all the attachments that were asked for. 

Getting the merchandise to you is another issue. Nothing may be returned in the original packaging. Add a second box to the product’s packing.

Everything must be contained in its container. The reimbursement procedure will take between three and seven business days to complete after Google has received your device.

Google Store Credit Refunds

Check how each of these stores handles returns before you ask for a refund. To return something you bought in a store, you have to go back to the same place you bought it.

For a refund, the product must be unopened and still in its original packaging and labelling. Most likely, it was never used.

You must bring the item with you to get a refund if the company’s staff thinks it is appropriate.


As you can see, Google’s return policy is very complicated. I hope you now understand it better so that you can ask for a return without feeling pressured. Remember one thing when you return something to the Google Store: the email you get from the Google support centre is an important document that has information about your return. Always pay close attention to and follow the product’s instructions.

The reason there are so many returns that aren’t complete is that buyers don’t follow all the rules and send things back in the wrong way. Make sure that when you ship a product, all of its parts fit inside the shipping container.


1. What are my other options if the Google Store won’t give me a refund?

Google Store purchases can’t be returned or refunded for any reason. Every item can have a restocking fee or some other kind of return cost. The price of a certain product and the price that people in different parts of the country pay for it can be very different.

2. How do you get a refund for a wireless device?

Wireless devices like the Google Pixel must be returned within 15 calendar days after being bought. These devices cost $35 to restock, which may or may not include taxes depending on where you live.

3. What should be done when a product is broken?

If your equipment is broken, you should contact customer service or the Warranty Center. Almost every product they sell is affected. Customer service representatives will help you return a product and get a full refund.

4. How long does it take to get a refund from the Google Store?

Most refunds for credit and debit cards are processed within three to seven business days. Refunds from PayPal can be sent as either credit or cash within one business day.

Google Return Policy – Process Involved In It

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