Does Walgreens Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

All the stores of Walgreens, having NFC-enabled payment technology, a contactless payment that a customer initiates by tapping on the cell phone at the terminal of the payment, which passes encrypted information to and back, and the payment is done, accept Google Pay. It accepts Samsung Pay also because it has an MST facility also. […]

Google Nest Wi-Fi Gigabit Internet- Read To Know More

Google has been trying its best to improve the experiences of its customers for a long time. This is the most popular, and the most visited search engine providing valuable content to users with a funny slang of “ask Google” whenever anyone needs answers to questions you don’t have. Google is an acronym for Global […]

Can My Google Voice Number Be Tracked?

Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) is an online telephone service that gives people with a google account a unique phone number, either for business or personal purposes. Here we will see about Can My Google Voice Number Be Tracked? What differentiates a Google Voice number from a regular number is that it’s not connected to any […]

Can You Track A Google Voice Number?

Unknown calls are quite annoying, and people frequently receive them from either fraudsters or marketing agencies in addition to calls from anonymous users. We have all occasionally received phone calls from Google Voice Numbers, and you should have wondered who was calling. Of course, there is a possibility that the caller may be one of […]

How to return google fiber equipment?

Alphabet Inc. Launched its access division Google fiber which is providing broadband internet and IPTV to an increasing number of locations. Seeing the statistics, around 2016 google fiber had 68k television subscribers and 453,000 broadband subscribers.  Here we will see about How to return google fiber equipment? Google Fiber devices or types of equipment offered […]

How Do I Report A Suspicious Email To Google?

Google Email (Gmail) is one of the most famous platforms to connect with people, advertising products/services, and send direct emails to customers. The easy accessibility of this platform may however be abused by some folks who can spam users with suspicious emails. However, Google has made it easy for its users to report such activities […]

Google Play Refund

Science has benefited greatly from technological advancements. Various gadgets and beneficial products have been developed as science has progressed. Technology has had a vital role in a variety of industries. Many enterprises or corporations came up with fresh ideas as technology advanced. The most beneficial invention was the PC and the cell phone. Mobile phones […]

Chromecast 2nd Generation Vs 1st Generation- Know More

In 2013, Google released its first ever Chromecast for $35. Back in the day, this device had completely changed the streaming experience of its customers. It was a novel idea as the Chromecast was small, easy to use and install and most importantly it was travelling friendly. Therefore, streamers were pumped up and found this […]

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