How long is Orientation at Walmart?

Walmart is an American retail grocery store, It is a chain of hypermarkets. It is the world’s largest company and generates the highest revenue. Walmart provides various kinds of jobs. The jobs which Walmart serves are:

  • Walmart management jobs
  • Walmart store jobs 
  • Senior Engineering manager 
  • Senior Software manager 
  • Category manager 
  • Associate product manager 

Walmart takes interviews for the jobs and requires the qualification for that job also. Once, the person applies for the job he has to wait for a response from the Walmart Human Resouces management. If your application gets verified by them, then you have to call for an interview. Here,  they securitize various applicants and select the one who is suitable for the one vacancy.

And the final step is the process of “ Orientation.”

How long is Orientation at Walmart?

What is Orientation? And how long is orientation at walmart?

Orientation is the process of the new employees to give them information about the company and explain to them about their work and realize them their duties and responsibilities. The process of orientation program usually takes 3-4 hours but the orientation at Walmart is long and takes 8 hours a day. It is usually long from other institutions’ orientation.

Essential facts about Orientation.

The orientation program at the company helps the new employees to familiarize themselves with the other employees and the workflow structure of the company. In Orientation, the company gives the employees to ask any kind of doubt they have regarding the work, structure in which they have to work or any kind of doubts regarding the rules and regulations. Orientation is one of the most essential parts of the recruiting process. These had to be done properly.  

Walmart considered that day as “Orientation day”. In which, they provide the full information about Walmart to the new employees. On this orientation day, new employees will learn about the company’s policies, cultures, and workplace safety and gets the training on how to provide the customer with the services and the values that Walmart serves to its customers. The process of Walmart Orientation lasts for three days. During these three days, the first, two days revolved around the paperwork, and videos which give a basic idea about Walmart. You will come to know each and everything about Walmart, during these two days only. They show you videos of Walmart culture and describe the Walmart values and the background. 

On the last day is the third day of orientation, they provide the new employees with computer-based training modules, they are case-based, where you learn about do’s and don’ts and one of the most important modules is about Alcohol Compliance, After the completion of this computer-based trainings and modules, there will be a quiz in which you have to pass with minimum if somebody fails to do so, then he had to repeat the whole Orientation process.

Topics are covered during the Orientation process.

Walmart always wants that its employees will learn and follow the culture, rules and regulations which has been followed since the ages. The Orientation process at Walmart includes the following topics:

  • Salesman training.
  • Helps in improving communication skills. 
  • Walmart policies and expectations.
  • Walmart rules and regulations.
  • Workplace safety.

What Happens at Walmart Orientation?

Every person thoughts that what will happens at Walmart Orientation takes a long time. Walmart every information to its new employees in the Orientation program. Many times some managers, also came to meet with the new employees, talked with them about the store, and also provide a tour of the store, which helps the employees to know well.

What to wear at Orientation?

You have to dress well for the Orientation day, don’t wear any kind of apparel or clothes which looks informal. Always wear a formal dress to look well and shoes which give decent looks to your personality.


As Walmart is one of the top chain stores in the united states it provides its best services. The jobs at Walmart are also top-rated. Their Orientation programme is one of the best and the long as well, in which the new employee will get to know about each and everything about the store and also gets trained about how to work and behave with the customers. These provide the new employees with a familiar environment. After knowing, each information about the Walmart Orientation programme. If anyone is going for it, just be confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will be a time for Walmart Orientation?

There is no specific timing for the Orientation but mostly it happens at 8 Am and noon.

2. If Walmart is calling you for an Orientation, what does it mean? 

It means that your interview is got verified and you are selected for the job.

3. Does Walmart do any kind of drug test?

Yes, you have to undergo a drug test before going for Orientation.

How long is Orientation at Walmart?

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