National Donut Day – Know More About It!

National Donut Day is observed on the first Friday in June every year. The occasion is spent to mark the courage and bravery of the Salvation Army to provide care and meals, particularly donuts to the frontline troops during the First World War.

National Donut Day

History of National Donut Day

The origins of National Donut Day can be traced back to World War I. During World War I,  a volunteer team also known as the Salvation Army was sent to the front lines with the mission to provide aid and a  hearty meal to the troops. It has been found that the doughnuts served as a successful meal as it is easy to supply them effectively while also managing the challenges of cooking in extremely challenging situations. Moreover, the war helmets would be used as a utensil to fry donuts, mostly seven at a time. These volunteer groups later acquired the nickname “donut lassies.”

Thus, National Donut Day was observed in 1938 as a way to recognize the Salvation Army volunteers who assisted the troops during World War I. Since then, National Donut Day is now regularly observed on the first Friday in June.

How is it celebrated in the present days?

In recent times, to honor the volunteer teams and to spend some time enjoying this much-loved dessert, many donut shops hand out free donuts to mark the occasion of National Donut Day.

Traditions of the Day

Every year this day is celebrated by simply eating Donuts of different varieties and flavors, as many as possible. Food Marketing agencies and industries catering to the food domain provide different deals and offers on their menus to celebrate the National Donut Day. 

Doughnuts are additionally prepared and served at home, which is an enjoyable activity for the whole family, especially the kids who get to decorate their donuts with different icings and decorations.

Reasons Why National Donut Day is loved so much?

  1. Donuts are always found in every season. For example: On Christmas or on birthdays or occasions, donuts can serve as a hearty dessert. Also, it can be made into a fun activity by allowing kids to customize their own toppings and icings.
  2. The price of donuts can vary greatly, but they are still affordable.
  3. Varieties in Donuts do not make them go out of fashion. Additionally, they are a correct mixture of local tastes and ingredients, making them one of the most loved desserts.

Some interesting Facts about Donuts

  1. It is known by different names among the Dutch Settlers. They were originally referred to as oily cakes, derived from the term “Olykoeks”.
  2. In geometry, the shape of the Donut is known as a Torus.
  3. There are hundreds and thousands of varieties and flavors of Donuts.
  4. Initially, donuts did not have Holes.
  5. National Doughnut Appreciation Day is also celebrated annually on November 5, to honor the fantastic fried treat. 
  6. Donuts are the most famous and loved Holiday Treat.

Donut or Doughnut—which is the correct terminology—?

While Donut is a shortened variant that has gained popularity thanks to Dunkin Donuts, the correct spelling is Doughnut.

National Donut Days around the world

  1. Sweden observes Waffle Day on March 25 to honor their love of waffles.
  2. On May 11, New Zealanders celebrate National Chocolate Fish Day in honor of one of their favorite candies, the chocolate fish.
  3. In Australia, National Marshmallow Day is celebrated on May 18 and is a marked holiday.
  4. On February 27, National khachapuri Day is celebrated in Georgia to enjoy the famous Georgian dish bread filled with cheese.


Every year, the first week of June is designated as National Donut Day to remember the Salvation Army, which bravely served the military during World War I, feeding them scrumptious meals and nursing their wounds.

Frequently Asked Questions on National Donut Day

Q1. Can Donuts be healthy?

Donuts are generally made from local ingredients and flavors. However, nowadays because of the health conscious lifestyle, many donuts recipes are created keeping in view the Nutritional content. 

Q2. On National Donut Day, do all stores and shops offer complimentary donuts?

It varies greatly between different locations and shops. However, many large-scale chains mostly give deals and offers on their menus to attract the attention of the customers.

Q3. Are donuts can only be prepared by frying?

Generally, Donuts are technically deep fried but because of the health-oriented lifestyle baking is served as one of the alternatives. However, correct recipes and ingredients quantities need to be followed to prepare baked Donuts. 

National Donut Day – Know More About It!

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