How Much Does Alaska Airlines Charge For Baggage?

When you buy an airplane ticket, knowing the baggage policy of the chosen airline is key for having a free-concern experience at the airport.Let us know about how much does alaska airlines charge for baggage? in this article.Here is the information that alaska airlines charge for baggage that may help you to know about charge for baggage.You have to pay ,if you want to take checked baggage in alaska airlines.

How Much Does Alaska Airlines Charge For Baggage?

Alaska Airlines has regular options regarding luggage for its customers, such as carrying a personal item, taking carry-on luggage, and adding checked baggage. 

The first two are included in the ticket you buy, and for the third one you have to pay $30 if you are taking just one, or more when you need it and according to its policies.

What Can You Take As Personal Item?

A purse or a briefcase, a laptop computer, and medically necessary items are accurate examples of the kind of items you can have with you on the airplane at no cost. 

Be sure you don’t have any forbidden objects inside them, which cover alcohol, batteries, outdoor activities equipment, ice, electronic bicycles, smoking devices, large liquids, gels and aerosols, flammable products, weapons, sharp or fire-producing objects, among others.

What Are The Allowed Measures For The Carry-On Bag?

The size limits for your carry-on baggage are 22” x 14” x 9” (55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm), dimensions that must be measured with the wheels and the handles of the luggage. 

Also for this bag, make sure you are not carrying in it any forbidden objects and that the size is correct, so you don’t have to pay for it as a checked bag.

How Many Checked Baggage Can You Have In Your alaska and Charge For Them?

If you want to take checked baggage, you will have to pay $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second one. In case you also need a third bag, it will cost you $100, and any extra one will be charged the same amount. 

Have into account that it will not be always possible to take several bags, since it depends on the flight season. All those policies apply to 50 lb (22 k) and 63″ (160 cm) bags, maximum.

What About Oversize And Overweight Luggage?

When having the necessity of taking with you oversize luggage, not bigger than 115” (292 cm), or an overweight one, that could not exceed 100 lb (45 k), each one will cost you $100. 

It is not possible to take baggage that overpass those numbers, and, in case you have one that does, you need to contact Alaska Air Cargo, phone number 1-800-225-2752, to do other arrangements regarding how to send it.

Is There Any Other Baggage Information That Can Be Useful For Passengers Of Alaskan Airlines?

Yes, there is one more thing to have in mind because it can be your case at some point, perhaps in the future if not for your current travel plans. There are two special categories of items you could need to consider eventually, 

so you might find this information useful now or for your next trip: 

  • The exception to charges. Alaskan Airlines has some situations to consider:
  • If you travel with children who use them, strollers and car seats will be free.
  • If you travel from Honolulu, Kona, Maui, or Kauai, one box of pineapple from Hawaii is accepted at no charge.
  • If you have mobility aids and medical assistive devices with you, they will not be charged as any kind of baggage.
  • If you are a Mileage Plan™ member, wine brought from certain cities and only on flights within the United States can be taken at no cost.

You can go to Alaskan Airlines website to find more specifications about all of them.

  • Musical instruments. Alaskan Airlines claims they are aware of the care and delicacy that need to be carried out when transporting musical instruments, and they offer some options to the passengers:
  • A relatively small instrument can be taken as a carry-on item if it fits in the compartments of the cabin.
  • A larger instrument can also be taken in the cabin after purchasing a seat for it, which will cost a regular adult ticket plus 6.25% of cargo tax.
  • Any instrument could also be transported as a checked bag, having into account the 50 lb (22 k) and 63″ (160 cm) policy with a charge of $30 or $40 as explained before in the information on the checked bags, and the oversize and overweight policy.

Again, you can visit the website to see more information. 

It is also advisable to consider the connections you might have, to validate the allowed baggage and the costs you would be charged on other airlines. 

Traveling can be 100 % fun or can include small concerns we must solve. So, always bear in mind that a far-sighted traveler will prevent any possible issue and an important part of that is knowing for sure an airline baggage policy.

How Much Does Alaska Airlines Charge For Baggage?

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