Metro By T-Mobile Financing 

Sometime in September 2018, Metro by T-Mobile financing relaunched from MetroPCS. It was during the relaunch it got it’s been name Metro by T-Mobile which is sometimes refered to as Metro. The brand introduced unlimited plans for its users after the rebrand, stating its intention to offer 5G in 2019, by so doing becoming the first mobile carrier to offer such. 

Metro By T-Mobile Financing

It is a brand owned by T-Mobile US and located in America. It is known for providing prepaid service that is majorly wireless. It is the fifth-largest mobile telecom network in the US. In 2013, Metro merged with T-Mobile US, merging its services under T-Mobile’s products like UMTS and LTE networks. Its main competitors are Dish Boost mobile, AT & T’s Cricket, and Verizon. 

Metro By T-Mobile

As a prepaid wireless service and a mobile phone store, Metro by T-Mobile is offering what is called “financing” to its customers at some of its store locations. A third-party lender called SmartPay is the one in conjunction with Metro by T-mobile. Smartpay is a lending company that runs a lending check on your account to see if you are eligible for the financing. Once you have been confirmed eligible, you can purchase a mobile phone from Metro by T-Mobile stores. The phone you can buy is determined by the amount you qualify for. 

This financing program allows you to purchase a high-priced smartphone with a little upfront payment. The Metro by T-Mobile financing program is only available for 4G smartphones, giving you 60 days to pay off your smartphone loan with an APR of not more than 36%. A service fee is also charged by SmartPay which costs between $9 and $18 depending on your bill. In a simpler term, the financing program is basically for a person who wishes to buy a particular brand of phone and doesn’t have the exact amount it will cost to buy the phone but has a little amount available, Such a person can finance a phone whereby he or she makes a small initial payment, gets his or her phone, and pays back monthly. 

For example, if Billy wants to buy an iPhone 13, which costs about $900, but he has only $500 with him at the moment, he can opt for the financing program by paying the $500 first, then he pays the remaining amount plus the interest rate between the next two months.

 What Are The Criteria For Using this Program? 

Below are the criteria needed by a subscriber to be able to enjoy the financing program. If this requirement is met, one can then apply for the program using their official website or go to their physical store. SmartPay will verify such a person after his or her application, also checking the credit score of the individual to know whether you are eligible or not and the number of phones you can purchase. 

  • The person who wants to apply for financing must be over 18 years of age. 
  • The person’s social security number is needed. 
  • The person must have a credit or debit card. 
  • The individual’s salary must be a minimum of $1000 per month before tax payment. 

What Does a Credit Score Mean?

 A credit score is the result of an analysis that has been done on your account or your money records. It determines the likelihood of you getting a loan. This credit score is done using a mathematical formula to get your credit score from your account or credit report. Some of the things taken into consideration are your bill payment history, your current debt, loan accounts, and their history, bankruptcy, and more. Your credit score determines the amount of loan you can get and also the interest rate that will be added to the loan you are about to take out. 

Advantages of this program 

The financing program can be used to buy an iPhone or a Google Pixel phone. It is also just available for 4G phones, which are the iPhone 12 pro, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy A21, and many more. A complete list of phones which the program covers can be gotten from their stores. They also give the subscribers unlimited data, which is worth $40 per month to all their new subscribers and also for those who are moving from another carrier to Metro. It also gives subscribers the privilege of enjoying the 5G network, which T-Mobile offers for free with no extra cost. 


In conclusion, Metro by T-Mobile isn’t the one who gives the financing of the phones; they make use of a third party called SmartPay. Inasmuch as this financing sounds so great, it is advisable to read all the terms and conditions applied to it and also to know how much is needed as an upfront payment, the interest rate, and the time needed to repay the loan. 

Metro By T-Mobile Financing 

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