How To Watch Netflix On Zoom?

Zoom supports the sharing of Netflix contents but then, to watch Netflix on Zoom, you need to have the right zoom account. The feature that enables one to share Netflix contents is not available on all the account types. So you need the right zoom account type to share Netflix content. To share screen successfully on Zoom, you need to have a pro, business or an Enterprise account. Any lesser zoom plan, like the basic or free plans, does not have a feature that supports screen sharing of Netflix contents. You should have Netflix and zoom installed from playstore or Microsoft store on your devices already. I will discuss more details about how to go about watching Netflix on Zoom below. 

How To Watch Netflix On Zoom?

Steps to Watch Netflix on Zoom

It is best to make use of a laptop or personal computer to watch Netflix on Zoom. The steps below are the ways to take to achieve streaming Netflix on Zoom. These steps might seem difficult and too long to follow, but the steps are worth the stress as they get easier after a couple of days and you become a pro in screen sharing a Netflix account via Zoom.

Step One: Open your Netflix account

You need to sign into the account first. If you don’t have the app, you have to download it on your system from Microsoft store and sign in or sign up, should in case you just want to open an account. You get a free 30-day trial before subscriptions. Choose the movie you want to watch.

Step Two: Lauch your zoom app

Leave the Netflix app by minimizing its screen and open the Zoom app. Click on the create meeting button and send out the invite link to whoever you want to stream the movie with you to join you in the meeting.

Step Three: Share your screen

Click on the share screen option and click on the Netflix window and enjoy your zoom Netflix.

Step Four: Settings Video quality

Set your Netflix video quality to 1080p at most since zoom doesn’t support above 1080p video quality.

Configuring your Systems Audio Settings.

This is majorly relevant to Pc users since phones are automatically configured to adapt to any application and environment.

Pc Users

• Click on settings on the start menu.

• Click on system and go to audio (sound) settings.

• Change the audio input and audio output accordingly to zoom audiolink.

How to download Netflix on Devices(iPhone, Androids).

• If you have an existing Netflix account, you can always just download the Netflix app on the Apple store or playstore and log in. but if you are new to Netflix, l list the steps to going about setting up an account below:

• Create a Netflix account online, using your email address, basic contact info, and a valid credit details. You get to sign up for a 30 days free-trial, before any actual subscriptions.

• Download the Netflix app for your iPhone on the Apple store or your Android on Play store.


The world of technology is a place of never ending possibilities. What some may call a restriction, others see as an opportunity they need to come up with some innovation that would open up even more opportunities to explore. Now you can watch Netflix with others via zoom. So no more disappointments or cancelled plans. Your different locations are no longer a barrier. Hurray! Let’s grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is It Possible to Use Mobile Phone to Watch Netflix on Zoom?

Yes, using mobile phones to stream Netflix on Zoom is not an impossible task, though it might be uncomfortable compared to a laptop or PC due to the smaller screen that mobile phones have.

2. How to Use An Android to Watch Netflix on Zoom 

The steps are not so different from the steps showing how to use a laptop to watch Netflix on Zoom. Here are the steps:

• Click and start your Zoom app on your device.

• Start a meeting and send out the invite link to friends or family you want to share your screen with.

• At the bottom of the meeting screen, click on share contents.

• Several share options should show on the screen when you click share contents. Click on screen and you will be notified that you are about to share with your participants everything displaying on your screen.

• Click on start Broadcast.

• Turn on the toggle that says to display Zoom over other apps.

• Launch your Netflix app and select any movie of your choice. You can now enjoy watching movies on Zoom with your friends via mobile phones.

How To Watch Netflix On Zoom?

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