How To Watch Netflix Without Wi-Fi?


Flying can be boring, especially if you are flying long distances and have no sources of entertainment. The plane’s entertainment options can sometimes be limited. How do you cope with boredom? Let us know about how to watch netflix without using wi-fi.We can use netflix without wi-fi by downloading the movies and shows.Here is the way to download videos so that we can watch netflix even we without wi-fi.

How To Watch Netflix Without Wi-Fi?

Fortunately, Netflix’s app allows you to watch your favourite series or movies even if you don’t have an internet connection. All you have to do is download the titles ahead of time, and your phone or tablet will be loaded with exciting content to watch throughout your flight! Let’s dig deeper into Netflix’s download option.

Netflix without Wi-fi 

To view Netflix content, you usually need a stable Wi-Fi connection. However, it also allows users to enjoy its content offline by allowing you to download shows and movies through its app. If you are travelling and have nothing to do, you may easily use Netflix to watch a show or movie to keep you occupied until you arrive at your destination. Here is how to download Netflix content:

  • You first need to have the Netflix app installed on whatever device you will be carrying with you on your flight. The app is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows tablets or computers.
  • You can download the content you want once you have made an account on Netflix. Netflix is a paid platform so you will need to sign up for a monthly subscription if you have not already.
  • After you have made your account, select ‘Downloads’ from the menu section.
  • Depending on your device, choose ‘See What You Can Download’, ‘Find Something to Download’, ‘Find More to Download”, or ‘Available for Download’. You should note that Netflix does not have the ‘Download’ option for all its content, so you may not always be able to download what you want.
  • Choose a show or a movie to download. You can also use the search function to find what you want to download. 
  • On the description page, click Download. For shows, the Download option appears next to each downloadable episode. If you have an Android device, you can also see a ‘Download Season’ part to download every episode in the season you want to watch.
  • Download via Wi-Fi to save money on data expenses. You must download the titles before you fly so they are available to watch when you are on the plane.

How to watch Netflix during your flight? 

When you are on the plane, you can view these downloads as they are available for offline viewing and you can enjoy them while you fly even if you have no Wi-Fi connection. Here is how:

  • Stay signed in to your Netflix app to have access to your downloads. Sign in before your flight if you have previously signed out.
  • Look for the ‘Downloads’ option.
  • Choose the show or movie from the download list or use the search feature to find your title. Press the play button.
  • Downloads disappear after a certain period, and certain content may have restrictions on how frequently it can be downloaded annually. You can delete the show or movie from your download list once you have finished watching it.

Not every airline has the right entertainment options for you. You may want to be able to choose what you want to watch while flying, and Netflix may be the best option for you because it allows for offline viewing. You only need the Netflix app on your iOS or Android device to download episodes from your favourite show or you can just download a movie. These downloads usually expire after a while. As long as you download what you want to watch ahead of time, your flight is unlikely to be dull!


Does Netflix have offline viewing?

Yes, it does. You can download shows or movies which you can watch later if you do not have Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

Can I watch Netflix when I am on the plane? 

Yes, you can. You just have to download the show or movie you want to watch beforehand on the Netflix app and you can then watch them during your flight even if there is no Wi-Fi.

What shows and movies are available to download on Netflix? 

You can download shows and movies from Netflix in a variety of categories. Popular shows such as Breaking Bad, Money Heist, Stranger Things, and others are among them. However, not every title is available for download, so you may not always be able to download what you want.

Can I watch videos from other platforms on the plane if there is no Wi-Fi?

If your Netflix is not working for whatever reason or you simply cannot find the title you were looking for, you can download and watch videos from other platforms such as YouTube or Amazon Prime.

How To Watch Netflix Without Wi-Fi?

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