Smart Switch With No Neutral


Nicolas Tesla is regarded as the father of today’s electricity thanks to his discovery of alternating current or AC. He also invented AC motors. AC refers to the electricity connected in homes while DC is the current produced by dry and wet cells.Let us know about smart switch without neutral.This article briefly explain about the smart switch with no neutral.The advantages of smart switch which is without neutral is also given here.

Smart Switch With No Neutral

Switches are electrical appliances used for closing and opening a circuit connected to a light bulb. A switch has two connections: a life and a neutral connection.

The smart switch

The smart switch, however, works with no neutral cable. If the switch is open, there is no power flowing to the bulb. When the switch is closed, there is a flow of current, and the bulb lights.

There is another cable called earth in a circuit. The purpose of this cable is to provide a pathway to the ground, any leaked current preventing a person from electrocution. It is connected to all sockets to protect appliances.

There are three cables identified through their outercoat colours as an insulator. Live cable has a red or blue colour, neutral is black or brown, and earth is yellow or white. The best way to identify these cables is by using a tester.

Importance of the neutral cable

The cable has its importance in the circuit. They include;

· To complete the electric connection. 

· Enables the flow of electric power from the transformer.

When connecting a switch to the circuit, ensure all the cables are connected as indicated on the switch cover. If you interchange the connections, the current will flow even when the switch is closed. The switch is not safe as can be electrocution.

There are three types of switches.

· One gang, one way.

· One gang two ways

· Two gangs two ways.

Smart switches without neutral

Are switches without a neutral connection but still work normally. They are of two types; single firewire and firewire. In these switches, the live wire is connected to the switch and then looped directly to the bulb, back to the CCU. The bulb becomes dim when you put it off, supplying a low current and when switched on, the current increases to the extent of lighting a bulb.

The advantages of smart switches to ordinary switches are;

· They can be controlled using a smartphone using Wi-Fi.

· They are reversible. They can be interchanged during the connection.

· They save on the cost of buying a neutral cable to connect.

· They are connected to a ground wire to avoid leakage current.

5 best smart switches in the market

  • GE switch: It has three wires; live, earth and load. It is supported by Google and thus can be operated using a phone and Alexa; software that enables a person to operate a gadget using his/her voice. There are different packages depending on the customer’s needs.
  • Moses GO : Uses a Wi-Fi signal to connect with your cell phone or computer. It can be controlled also using the smart life app, Alexa, and google assistant. It does not require any capacitor or a neutral cable. The switch is easy to install as no rewiring is needed. It can be connected with other smart switches to control them from one point.
  • MOES: It is a Wi-Fi-controlled smart switch. It operates using a single wire button. It supports the Smart life app, Alexa, Google, and remote control. The minimum rating is 110 v. No additional cable is required to install, as it can connect with the existing cables. Works in all types of bulbs like LED bulbs.
  • MOES GO ZIGBEE. is a new smart wall switch that uses a zig bee hub to function. It has no neutral wire or capacitor. MOES switch supports the Smart life app and remote control and is also compatible with Alexa.

It can also operate using google. The cover is in a way there are no marks left when scratched by a sharp object. There are switches for an environment with high humidity.

  • Sky link SK-8: It is a three-way switch control. The switch is easier to add as it requires no additional wiring. There are also other wireless switches from the same company such as TB-318.

These switches are easier to install as they are compatible with the existing wiring. Another additional feature is resetting a bulb to switch on or off automatically at a given time. 

The switches are safer than traditional ones as they are waterproof. They are economical as their output is efficient. It is easy to notice a fault in these switches to avert 

dangers such as fire and electrocution. 


When changing from a traditional switch to a new one, follow the guideline of the manufacturer. If you have no idea how to wire the switch, consult a qualified electrician. Ensure that the sure has the same rating as recommended. The reason is to avoid overload. Lastly, ensure the power is off when operating a switch.

Smart Switch With No Neutral

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