Jimmy John’s-Delivery Policy, Fee, Time, Radius-Explore More

Jimmy John’s- Delivery Policy- Jimmy John will prove the best restaurant for all those who are looking for fast and taste-worthy food. For all those who don’t know, Jimmy John’s is a restaurant chain with more than 2,700 restaurants in 43 states and is well known for its fast delivery.

Jimmy John's-Delivery Policy

All about Jimmy John’s Delivery Policy

Jimmy John’s promises to deliver your food within half an hour of placing your order. And the fact is they never step back from their promise. It’s the perfect restaurant for all those who want in a hurry. Its main aim is to “Freaky Fast Delivery”. 

Their delivery generally varies on some of the factors like traffic, time of day, long-distance between the restaurant and the client’s home delivery, and Amount of order. 

Let’s take an example, during the evening time, your food delivery order can take more than 30 minutes due to the volume of traffic. Despite all the issues they deliver your order shortly and effectively.

Jimmy John’s Delivery fee

Jimmy John’s Delivery fee varies with the number of items you order and your location. Delivery charges at this best restaurant cost between $2.50 to $3 per order. 

Factors determining delivery fees 

  • The location of the client
  • Numbers of items you order

So, while making orders from Jimmy John’s, one must keep in mind the factor determining the delivery fee as they will make the total cost of your order.

All about the Delivery Radius of Jimmy John’s

The delivery policy of Jimmy John’s is stringent.  They Provide their delivery services only to those who are within a 3 kilometers (2-mile) radius of the location. The reason for setting up this short radius is that they wanted to keep up with their promise of “Fast Delivery”. So, if you are outside the delivery radius, you will have to visit the store by yourself to pick up your order. However, Some stores of Jimmy Johns may have a smaller or wide delivery radius based on the population density of the area.

For example, A Jimmy John store in the city may have a smaller delivery radius

Does Jimmy John accept Cash?

This question always arises in the mind of new clients. Let me make it clear to all that you can surely pay Jimmy John’s in cash for delivery orders.

However, while paying the delivery driver using cash one needs to follow some rules. These are

  • Please Calculate and keep the actual amount of money for your order. As not every time drivers may have a lot of change. Otherwise, round up the amount and give it as a tip to the driver.
  • You should inform the delivery driver that you will be paying with cash. To complete the order you should fill up the payment details and inform the driver to take cash upon arrival.
  • Must have the cash ready so that the delivery driver can proceed to deliver their next order quickly.

In addition to cash as the form of payment, one can also use credit cards and Jimmy John’s gift cards for making the payment.

From where to get the Promo Code of Jimmy John’s Delivery?

There are several  ways to get the Promo Code of Jimmy John’s Delivery

  • By signing Jimmy John’s Email 

One can easily get a promo code by Signing up to the company’s email.

  • By following Jimmy John’s on Social Media

Alternatively, one can also get the recent promo code by following Jimmy John’s on various social media pages.

  • By visiting the Promo Code Page of   Jimmy John’s

One can also get discount coupons by visiting the Jimmy John’s promo code page.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When did Jimmy John’s and DoorDash get into the partnership?

Answer – in the year 2020, Jimmy John’s and DoorDash got into a partnership.

  • Jimmy John relies more on its delivery deliver or the DoorDash delivery employees?

Answer – Even after getting partners with DoorDash, Jimmy John’s depends more on its delivery drivers to make deliveries as compared to DoorDash delivery service employees. 

  • What is the minimum number of items one can order from Jimmy John’s?

Answer – the minimum delivery order of Jimmy John’s is a  sandwich. However, according to Jimmy John’s delivery policy,  the minimum delivery order can depend on the location. 

  • What is the amount to Tip Jimmy John’s Delivery Driver?

Answer It’s advised that one should tip a Jimmy John’s driver with at least $3 to $4 for delivery. However, tipping is not mandatory.


Jimmy John is a restaurant chain with more than 2,700 restaurants in 43 states and is well known for its fast delivery. In this article, we have tried to give you all the information related to the Jimmy Johns delivery policy, its delivery charges, and the Delivery Radius. Additionally, we have also informed you about the other form of payment except for cash which is accepted in these stores. From our side, we recommend you to test Jimmy John’s delivery moto by yourself ordering the food from this store.

Jimmy John’s-Delivery Policy, Fee, Time, Radius-Explore More

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