Janet Jackson Documentary – know more interesting facts

The Janet Jackson documentary is made of 4 episodes with 2 parts and each of them is 1 hour long. This four-hour event is about the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s first album in 1982. Workerbee produced an incredible documentary that is an unfiltered look at Janet Jackson’s story, that includes exclusive access to the old footage and unseen homemade videos alongside the interviews with the star herself. If you haven’t seen the documentary yet or want to rewatch it, here are the places you can do that.

Janet Jackson Documentary

Lifetime and A&E

Simply titled “Janet Jackson” the documentary’s both parts are arranged to simulcast on Lifetime and A & E and were available to the viewers firstly on 28 January 2022. On 28 June the first two episodes and on the 29th the third one were aired. The last episode of the show was released on February 13th, 2022. On Lifetime and A & E, it is still watchable on cable TV whenever you want. The channels also re-air the documentary on certain dates. 

Besides you can watch the whole documentary online on Lifetime’s website however it is currently not available on A & E TV’s website. They also have mobile apps that can be found in the App Store and on Play Store. 


You can get access to Lifetime’s Janet Jackson documentary also from Philo. On Philo, you can watch live TV channels like Lifetime and stream numerous shows or films anytime and anywhere you want. Unfortunately, this platform is only available only in the USA yet. If you want to get a hold of Janet Jackson’s documentary there, you are to pay $25 per month with a 7-day free trial option for eligible subscribers.

Hulu + Live TV

Another platform to watch Janet Jackson is via Hulu + Live TV. More than 75 online and cable TV channels including Lifetime, Disney Plus, and ESPN alongside its original content. You will get a subscription for $69.99 per month with an easy cancellation online or by a single call. In this way, you can get full access to all the aired episodes of Janet Jackson’s documentary.

Sling TV

Sling as a live streaming service offers more than 30 live TV channels together with Lifetime and its shows. Although free content is accessible, you have to subscribe in order to watch Lifetime’s, Janet Jackson. For subscription, there are two main plans for Sling TV: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. The expenses of both start at $35, but you can also have the two of them combined for $50. But you can choose which one you want as both orange and blue streaming plans include Lifetime. 


Janet Jackson’s documentary is also ready for you to watch and download through Amazon. There are four different purchase options for Janet Jackson: Firstly you can buy the documentary by episodes. If you are to purchase the episode with the HD option at $2.99, or with the SD option only for $1.99. The alternative is to buy the whole season, whether with HD at $6.99 or with SD at $5.99. Once you purchase and download the documentary you can keep them as long as you want for you to watch it whenever you please.


Vidgo is relatively less popular than the other streaming services that we have mentioned. However, Janet Jackson’s documentary streams on Vidgo too. 95+ online channels alongside Lifetime are in existence within this platform with ultra HD quality. This streaming service contains videos in English and Spanish and three streaming plans according to your preference in these two languages. The most pricey one is called English Premium which costs $66.33 for three months with over 150 live channels, on-demand, and free DVR or you can choose another package in English that is $53 with 110+ live channels along with the on-demand ones. The only option with the Spanish language is $25 with over 50 live channels and on-demand, which is called Spanish Mas Package.

Direct TV Stream

Although Direct TV Stream doesn’t come with a free trial, the service is great for live television. There are four streaming TV packages to choose from, including lots of live channels, on-demand access, DVR storage, and three months free of channels like Epix, Showtime, Starz, and HBO Max, depending on the choice you make. The Starter Pack is called Entertainment and has over 65 channels at $54.99, and you are to pay the taxes for two months, or if you don’t want to pay taxes after the first two months you can pay $69.99 per month. Choice ™ option is available for $74.99. The other two streaming plans are titled “Ultimate” and “Premier” which offer 130 and 140 channels. Ultimate costs $89.99 while Premier is $134.99. Both of the last ones also have the possibility of not paying taxes after the two months of subscription.

The definitive story of Janet Jackson’s success in becoming one of the most-earning artists in the history of the music industry talks about the struggles and tragedies she had along the way in her private life besides her professional life. This highly inspiring documentary is on a variety of online streaming platforms for you to not miss the chance to witness Janet Jackson’s most intimate and honest moments on camera. 

Janet Jackson Documentary – know more interesting facts

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