The Most Valuable Pennies Nickels Dimes Quarters!

Do you know what are the most valuable coins available currently? There is a multitude of vintage pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters that are worth a lot of money. Let’s explore some of the most valuable pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Who knows you might find a valuable coin stowed away in your coin collection? Maybe you will be a rich person thanks to this list!

The Most Valuable Pennies Nickels Dimes Quarters!

The Most Valuable Coins

Why are some coins valued at such high prices when originally, they were not worth a lot? The value of old and rare coins stems from the story of their origin and how they came into being. If the coins of a fallen empire are founded, they are obviously valuable due to their rarity.

Alternatively, historical and vintage coins were produced in rare numbers before their production was cancelled and hence, they are quite rare and equally valuable. Similarly, old coins make for an amazing collector’s item for history lovers which has eventually raised the overall value of such coins.

Currently, the most valuable pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are:

  • Most valuable penny: Indian Head Penny (1975), priced at approximately 127,000 USD.
  • Most valuable nickel: Liberty Nickel (1913), priced at approx. 3,738,000 USD
  • Most valuable dime: Barber Dime (1894-S), priced at about 1,998,000 USD.
  • Most valuable quarter: Draped Bust Quarter (1796), Pisces at approx. 1,528,000 USD

However, the most valued coin is the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar which was the first-ever produced dollar coin. These coins were discontinued after some time, and a mere 100 or so of them exist today. This rare and valuable coin currently has a price tag of more than a whopping 10 million USD. 

There are hundreds of valuable coins globally, however, most of them are being stored in museums or some historical collector’s directory. 

What Are The Most Rare Pennies Nickels Dimes Quarters?

Listed below are some of the most valuable pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters that are equally rare to get their hands on.

#1 Bronze Lincoln Cent (1943)

The Lincoln Cent, also referred to as the Wheat penny was produced due to a lack of Bronze during war times. Even though the penny was never reproduced, it is still in circulation because of a possible mix-up that might have happened in the aftermath of the war.

The penny was priced at 372,000 USD.

#2 Steel Lincoln Cent (1944)

The Steel Lincoln Cent is said to be accidental produce after the world war as bronze coins were being produced again. Apparently, the leftover steel was used which got mixed with the bronze coins batch and was circulated. 

This penny was priced at 180,000 USD by Heritage Auctions.

#3 Overdate Buffalo Nickel (1918)

The Overdate Buffalo Nickel is primarily rare because of a wrong date being punched on a coin. The nickel is considered quite rare and is priced at a whopping 350,750 USD.

#4 Buffalo Nickel (1926)

Considered the first of many Buffalo Nickels, the S series of Buffalo Nickels are the rarest as they were produced in minimal numbers. The coin is quite heavily priced among collectors and its highest bid price has been 322,000 USD.

#5 Roosevelt Dime Proof (1975)

One of the rarest dimes to ever exist, the 1975 No S Roosevelt Dime was first found in 1977. Ever since then there has only ever been one more of the same coin discovers. Currently, there are only two known Roosevelt Dime Proof coins in existence. 

Because of its rarity, the coin is currently priced at 456,000 USD.

#6 Full Band Mercury Dime (1916)

The D Full Band Mercury Dime was produced in 1916, and there are known to be only about 260,000 of these coins produced. Even though these coins are still more than a mere two coins, they are heavily famous because of their intact horizontal design.

The dime was priced at 207,000 by Heritage Auctions.

#7 Draped Bust Quarter (1796)

One of the more highly-priced coins from our list, the 1796 Draped Bust quarter is the only quarter ever produced in the 18th Century, It is also notable that these coins are found in pristine conditions usually, even though they were only minted for one year, and has never been produced since.

The quarter is currently priced at a huge amount of 1,527,000 USD.

#8 Overdate Capped Bust Quarter Proof (1827)

The Overdate Capped Bust Quarter is one of its kind primarily because initially it was produced in 1822 and 1823. However, later in 1827 almost all of the coins were re-dated. Interestingly enough, the punching was done on all four digits of the coin and not just the last digit.

This interesting and rare quarter has a price of 705,000 USD.


These were some of the most valuable nickels, pennies, dimes, and quarters. Even though a lot of vintage and historical coins are still in circulation to some extent. 

The rare and less circulated coins have been held by art and collector museums. Since a lot of these coins are gradually decreasing in number, it is important to safeguard these coins. Older coins are not only valuable, but they also provide a great input about the metallurgy knowledge of an empire and the era they were produced in.


Which nickels are worth money?

Currently, the 1927 S Buffalo Nickel is the most valuable nickel present. There are other Buffalo Nickels like the 1916 and 1918 D versions are quite valuable as well.

What dimes are worth?

The 1796-1797 Draped Bust dimes are one of the most valuable dimes available currently. Other than these, the Barber Dime, Mercury Dime, and Carson City Liberty Seated dimes are also valuable. Most of these dimes were in circulation from the late 1980s to the early 1920s.

Is a 1965 quarter valuable?

Yes, the 1965 Silver Quarter is quite valuable. The 1965 Silver Quarter was not completely made from silver, and also had hints of copper in it. This added more durability to the coin, which resulted in an increase in the value of the 1965 silver quarter.

The Most Valuable Pennies Nickels Dimes Quarters!

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