Samsung’s Oven Recall- Know More!

Introduction Paragraph

 Several buyers alleged that a fault in Samsung’s electric oven products made it difficult for them to use these ovens for cooking.  This destructive technical malfunction misread temperatures by the sensors and created an uproar among Samsung’s customers on the internet. Let’s know more about Samsung’s oven recall.

Samsung's Oven Recall

Answer Paragraph

Samsung’s ovens were called up for a recall because they were either not heating up or heating up far too much, due to a glitch with their thermostat sensor, which triggered them to cause a fire. Customers also reported that their ovens take an eternity to heat up, won’t go above 150 degrees and many times overheat without warning. This caused them to become so hot even on the lowest presets and cause food to be burned to a crisp. 

Units Affected?

The Samsung gas ranges that were affected have heat detectors with the model number DG32-00002B. As reported in a lawsuit by class-action, over 87 brand models were allegedly affected. These models were also revealed to be problems: 

  • NE58F9710WS, 
  • NE59J7850WS, 
  • NE59J7750WS, 
  • NX58H5600SS, 
  • NE589500S. 

This problem could harm many recent Samsung brand units, notably the latest convection models.

Class-action Lawsuit against Samsung’s Oven Ranges 

According to the allegation, when users install their oven to a fixed temperature, the direct control panel sends electric currents that turn on the oven’s heat supply, depending on varying electrical resistance that stabilized the set temperature by users. 

Problems Caused by Temperature Sensor

Unfortunately, according to the defamation suit, 

  • The temperature sensor problem caused particular Samsung ovens to be unable to monitor and maintain current in circuits connected to the control board properly. 
  • Fluctuations in resistance damaged conductive materials and caused transmission and reception lags, and eventually led to circuit failures. As a result of this issue, the Samsung gas cooktop’s direct control is said to fail. 
  • The class-action lawsuit detailed that once the central control fails, the burners on the ovens would not match the settings selected, thereby posing a severe security risk as those ovens become much higher and hotter than the set temperature intended. 

Consequences of Samsung’s Recall on Users

The value of the Class Ranges has also been reduced as a result of this issue as individuals might not be able to trust the company with their safety. The recall of the Samsung ovens created an uproar on the internet as many users had problems with their ovens. 

Users also ended up losing the use of their ovens for cooking, because these class ranges exposed them to risks like fire outbreaks, and have incurred wasted time and unbudgeted and overhead expenses that were also gotten from replacements, maintenance, repair and purchase decisions because of Samsung’s lack of action. 

According to the Lawsuit, What Caused the Temperature Problems with the Ovens?  

The case claims that a fault exists in the range’s temperature detector, and it glitches by fluctuating the quantity of resistance in electrical circuits connected to the overall control board of the oven.

When this flaw arises, the temperature sensor would not regulate its resistance accurately, resulting in a decline in conducting materials, delay in the transmission of electric signals, and eventually circuit outbreak and failure in the overall control board. Besides, since this board also controls the temperature of the oven burners, the temperature may vary from what is selected by the user and would cause hazards. 

Related Issues Observed During the Recall  

  • Irregular heat transmission in the oven (resulting in raw portions on prepared meals), 
  • The difficulty of ovens to effectively reach and monitor the preset temperatures, 
  • The temperature plummets every time the oven door opens for an extended amount of time. 

Is there Currently a Recall?

Samsung is not currently issuing recalls for this problem, and the company would only repair your equipment only when there is one. 


On a concluding note, the oven recall was due to a glitch in the thermostat sensor, which caused the ranges to cause a fire. Although Samsung stands behind its product’s quality and has worked hard to satisfy its customers over the years, this caused a class-action lawsuit against the brand. However, to assure continuous effectiveness of their products, the company tracked down connected difficulties, learned more about their various consumer experiences  made some improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What can be done if this problem of temperature fluctuations occurs?

Answer: According to the Samsung website, you should first examine the current, as it could be a contributing factor. Another suggestion is to open the oven door less frequently.

  1. How to Use DoNotPay’s Product

Answer: This recall tracker can be used to check for recent recalls. DoNotPay can look to see which of your purchased items have just been recalled if you don’t know about or have a specific recalled product. Just send any invoices or receipts to, and then they’ll compare them to their most current list of recalled goods.

  1. How to Use DoNotPay to Get Replacements and Refunds for Recalled Purchases

Answer: What you need to do is contact a Product Recall service and notify them about the item you purchased and provide receipts or any other purchased proof, and they will reach out to the company on your behalf.

Samsung’s Oven Recall- Know More!

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