The Richest Rapper- Know More


The music industry has made countless achievements and musicians especially, rappers in the music industry are making so much money from the industry. Hip-hop music has been deeply influenced by rapping which originated in America in the 1970s and until recent times has not stopped making its impact across the world. The rapping music industry has grown in popularity and fame and it has become a type of music that so many people have grown to love over the years. The rappers are making a tremendous effort to promote their craft and garner loyal supporters that relate to their rap music daily. Let us know about some of the richest rapper.

The Richest Rapper- Know More

Names Of Richest Rappers

This is a comprehensive list of the richest rappers in 2022. These rappers are very popular and most of them have very good entrepreneurial skills that they have nicely merged with their rapping careers and have properly invested the money they make from their rap songs and tours. 

  • Kanye West

The rapper has shockingly taken the first position from Jay Zee as the richest rapper in 2022. 

Kanye West’s net worth is calculated to be 2.1billion dollars. He has amassed wealth for himself through his rapping music and his other business ventures which include his shoe brand, and fashion line, he also owns ‘good music’ a record label where he makes extra money from Big Sean, 2Chains, and other musicians that belong to his record label.

  • Jay Zee

The rapper comes second in 2022 as the second richest rapper.

Jay Zee’s net worth is calculated to be 1.3 billion dollars. Jay Zee has other businesses apart from rapping where he makes extra income, some of his business explorations include his clothing line, Tidal, nightclubs, and ‘Roc Nation’ his music record label.

  • Diddy

He is ranked third place on the richest rappers list in 2022 with a net worth investigated to be 900million dollars. He owns the ‘bad boy’ record label, Sean John clothing line, Cable Network Revolt, and an equal profit percentage deal with CiRoc. 

  • Dr Dre

He is the fourth person on the list with a net worth of 500million dollars.

He successfully made the list as one of the richest rappers after selling his headphone line to Apple in 2014 for 3 billion dollars. He was the co-founder of the headphone line and a major shareholder. He invested in real estate and the stock market and he also bought Apple stocks.

  • Russell Simmons

He is fifth on the list with a net worth of 340million dollars. He is an American rapper. Russell Simmons does other businesses such as the clothing business. He owns three different clothing lines which are; Phat farm, Argyrlculture, and Tantris. He ventured into other businesses like energy drinks, writing, and self-publishing

  • Drake

Drake takes the sixth position on the list. The rapper’s net worth is calculated to be 250million dollars.

Drake is a rapper with amazing entrepreneurial skills and business savvy. His numerous business ventures include a clothing line called OVO, real estate investments, and a whisky brand ‘Virginia Black Whisky’  

  • Pharrell Williams 

He is a multi-talented rapper and he owns the ‘I am other’ record label. He is into fashion and art and he also owns a billionaire boys club.

He is investigated to have a net worth of 250 million dollars giving him the seventh position.

  • Eminem

He is in eighth place on the richest rappers countdown. His net worth is investigated to be 230million dollars. Eminem’s extra income comes from his investment in Stock X, which is an online music encyclopedia. He is also a very good rapper, he has gathered very loyal fans for himself throughout his rapping career.

  • Master P

He is the owner of the ‘no limit’ record label and a rapper with a net worth calculated to be 200million dollars.

He is into other businesses such as real estate, films, sex toys, fast food, and a writer.

  • Ice Cube

 He is ranked the tenth richest rapper. He belongs to the NAN boy’s rapping group.

Ice Cube has other things he does that give him extra income such as; acting in movies and he is also a movie director. 160million dollars Is the total calculation of his net worth.


Rapping is a very lucrative venture that will continue to grow and create opportunities for others in the hip-hop music industry. The list has shown that the rapping industry has unique talents that have successfully managed the fame and riches that come with the rapping industry.

The Richest Rapper- Know More

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