What channel is ESPNU on Comcast?

A population of over 51 million subscribers which is the majority of broadband homes in the USA are using Comcast. It is a countrywide satellite TV channel owned by ESPN Inc. Its headquarters is in Bristol, Connecticut. ESPNU live streams exclusive college athletics events on Comcast, Charter, Mediacom, Cablevision, etc.Let us see on what channel is ESPNU on Comcast in this article.

What channel is ESPNU on Comcast?

What channel is ESPNU on Comcast?

You can watch ESPNU on Comcast on channels 735, 396, 125, or 1301 if you are watching in HD. At times you may find it with different numbers in a case where the cable is re-transmitted e.g. Comcast ESPNU is channel 735 in New Jersey, you would not expect it to automatically be 735 in Alabama, it depends on your local listing.

Comcast Company was innovated to a new and better version of itself called Xfinity. The change of the brand’s product name has made the corporation more successful.

ESPNU channel displays details including sports news, the date of play, venue, time, standing, and the TV schedule on how to watch the event. Comcast makes ESPNU available to its 5G and 4G Internet users for no additional charge through Comcast.net, which reaches 17 million new users every month. All you need to do is subscribe and you’ll be done.

Watching ESPNU on Comcast

Watching the ESPNU App on Xfinity X1 and Flex is easier than you can imagine. Here are the steps to go about it:

Go to your ESPNU app and select ESPN or its related stations. When you choose a particular ESPN, ESPN+, or another alternative in the application, you will see a message to open a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) on-screen and register your TV Provider details.

To watch ESPNU content, you will have to click on an ESPNU show or event within the ESPNU tab.

ESPNU channel number on Comcast in different regions

  • Central region – ESPNU HD 396
  • Eastern region – ESPNU HD 125
  • Pacific region – ESPNU 733
  • Australia – ESPNU HD 509

ESPNU Sister Channels

Several channels are related to ESPNU, these are:

  • ESPN – Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is a sports channel owned by ESPN Inc.
  • ESPNews – It shows news related to the sports and entertainment events that are happening around America.
  • ESPN+ – It is an American video streaming service displaying sports content and entertainment events.
  • ESPN2 – It is an outlet for the mainstream ESPN and also broadcast a specific focus on sport.
  • ESPN3 – Shows college athletics content example, basketball, hockey, tennis, NCAA, championships, etc.
  • Big 12 Network – Live coverage of college basketball events from the big six conference consisting of Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas state.
  • ESPN College Extra – It covers the ESPN3 live games on TV.
  • ESPNW – Empower and celebrates females in athletics and consider the interest of the female fans.
  • Longhorn Network SEC – It is a sports network operating in the southern region of the US. It is based in Texas and can be watched countrywide using the satellite.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

ESPNU TV schedule on Comcast 

The events broadcasted on ESPNU are similar in all the states, what varies is the time difference. Here is a link where you can track a particular show schedule on ESPNU Comcast:

The event is usually listed as follows:


ESPNU • LIVE-AIR • NCAAW Basketball – Now Playing


ESPNU • RE-AIR – Today at 08:45 PM


ESPNU • LIVE-AIR • NCAA Basketball – Today at 11:15 PM


ESPNU • NCAA Baseball – Tomorrow at 2:00 AM


ESPNU • RE-AIR – Tomorrow at 4:30 AM


When it comes to watching sports and other events ESPNU is the choice. You will find it on Comcast on channel number 1301. However, due to cable re-transmission and differences in time zone (The Pacific Time Zone is 2 hours behind The Eastern Time Zone) the frequency of the station varies. Comcast Corporation changed its name to Xfinity. This change gave the company’s brand a new image which has led to its success.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. How to watch ESPNU for free?

At fuboTV you can watch college conference games on ESPNU free of charge. You only need to log in online on their website without cable, this is a cheaper alternative compared to the other live streaming methods.

  1. What is the difference between ESPN and ESPNU?

These are digital cables.

ESPNU air college athletics (college conference games) that usually do not get national recognition, they often are Basketball and Football. ESPN is programmed to live cover sports events that are happening across the country.

  1. What is Comcast and how is it related to Xfinity?

Comcast is a newer version of Xfinity. It is upgraded to make the brand’s product appealing to the consumers. This is what we call rebranding, and giving the company a good image.

What channel is ESPNU on Comcast?

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