Why Is PC Gaming So Expensive

With the extent of the coronavirus and the increasing inflation, every year PC gaming has been more expensive than ever. As new technology drops the prices also increase and so does the expense of continuing PC gaming. Coronavirus came with a mass shortage of various PC parts with graphics card being one of the major ones of those. Today we take a look at what makes PC gaming so expensive.

Why Is PC Gaming So Expensive

Building a gaming computer takes not only costs money but also takes a lot of time and effort. As the pandemic started growing so does the scarcity of production of the most important hardware stuff that is needed to build gaming computers. Graphics card prices were sky high, while most people chose to play safe and waited for the pandemic to end some gave in to the urge to get a gaming PC and spent a lot of money on building their dream computer. 

PC Gaming

While you might think this is where the problem ends but once you buy a gaming PC that is not all for the cycle of expenses as they only increase in the future. After building a gaming computer well the first thing that everyone does is play games but that also comes at a cost with most PC games costing a good fortune and only a small portion of them are free to play. We take a further look into some of the main problems that are contributing to the expenses of PC gaming.

  1. Much more expensive than its competitors: Consoles like Xbox and PlayStation cost much less than building your gaming PC. It is even said that Sony loses money on selling its PS5 but since they have expensive games that their buyers need to buy so companies like Sony make up for it but it’s not the same case with PC gaming.
  2. Game purchases, In-game purchases, DLCs: As PC gaming becomes more expensive so does the cost of buying games. As newer games are released with better graphics, better gameplay, and much more the price that they come at is also increasing. While there are a lot of free-to-play games in which you don’t have to spend but those games still earn a lot through in-game purchases of skins, maps, DLC, etc.
  3. More dynamic: Another reason that PC gaming is so expensive is that you have yourself a whole device that can be used for various things including Video editing and various other heavy tasks which can’t be done in a console. A computer has much more functionality than a console which also makes it much better as a whole.

So, is it worth it?

Well, it is a very common question that might bug you, is buying a gaming PC worth it? Will buying a console be better? You might think that a console costs much lower than a gaming pc and it can be a viable option for a lot of people who are low on budget but at the end of the day, you’d still have to spend on buying games for your console which are much more expensive than PC games. It depends on person to person, if you want a console sorely for gaming purposes and nothing else a console might be a good choice whereas buying a PC opens up a lot of horizons for you to work with.


Yes, it is worth buying a gaming PC considering everything we talked about before but can it be worth it during the pandemic when the prices are skyrocketing. As of right now, it might be for the best to buy or build a PC right, and as disappointing as it might sound you should drop that idea for a while and wait for the prices to go down to normal which they are already are as the pandemic is on the verge of ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is PC gaming worth the price?

Depending on the financial situation of the concerned individual it might or might not be worth it. Building a PC comes at a great cost and so do the things after it like buying games but it can be worth it if you’re willing to spend a fortune. You can rely on a good build PC to support the newest games without any problems for a good 3 to 5 years before it becomes due for an upgrade.

Q2. Why is PC gaming so expensive?

Due to various reasons, PC gaming is becoming more and more expensive but during this pandemic, the industry took a huge hit with the increased Chip prices due to its shortage. The price made everyone take a second thought if they do want to build a new PC or give their old ones an upgrade.

Q3. How long does a gaming PC last?

Depending upon how much you invested on the PC, it might last from a couple of years to a good 5 years before needing an upgrade to be able to support the newer games.

Why Is PC Gaming So Expensive

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