Blush Mark Review- Find More About It

What is Blush Mark?

We live in a time where fast fashion brands like Shein and Pretty Little Thing are as popular for women’s fashion as classic favorites like Zara and Forever 21. Another online store that has joined this group recently is the US-based store Blush Mark. Let’s learn about ‘Blush Mark Review’.

Blush Mark Review

Blush Mark Review

Founded in Los Angeles in 2020, Blush Mark quickly rose to prominence and caught the eye of fashion influencers and YouTubers. Blush Mark, like its competitors, is known to sell outfits at an inexpensive rate, selling their merchandise at $5. Given the cost of clothing and accessories as well as the brand providing everything that is in vogue, it is not a surprise that bigger, more established companies like H&M are threatened by its presence!

But does Blush Mark live up to its hype? Or is the brand too good to be true? Read on to find out!

Blush Mark Review:

The Positives

Blush Mark’s philosophy is very simple: quality fashion can be attainable without being expensive. Targeting millennial fashion at decent rates is what helped them to be one of the most downloaded apps on the Apple store in 2021.

The most consistent products in clothing seem to be T-shirts and sweatshirts. Coming to their accessories, the handbags and jewelry do not have discrepancies compared to their online counterparts and look of decent quality and coloring. 

Their swimwear and lingerie collection can be slightly ill-fitted, but it is still cheaper than bigger retail stores, hence many online vloggers try to make it work with slight adjustments.

However, for the price that they are offering, many items are worth the money, even if they are slightly different than their online pictures. If you are a student or have just started working your full-time job, buying from Blush Mark would end up being budget-friendly. One of the things to be aware of is the fabric the dresses are made of— check if the material is stretchy or not since this affects the size and fit. So read the product descriptions carefully and go through their size chart before you order.

The Negatives

Every brand has its problems and Blush Mark is no different.

Blush Mark falls under the category of fast fashion. To summarise in a sentence, fast fashion is the rapid mass-production of inexpensive clothing which is currently trending. So you can buy dupes of a very expensive-looking outfit you saw your favorite celebrity wearing. And since the selling price is low, Blush Mark products can sometimes be underwhelming or, in some cases, misguiding.

According to online reviews and haul videos, many Blush Mark outfits look different in pictures compared to what actually arrives. It could be the print, color, or even the text printed on their tees and sweatshirts. There have been cases where the fit of the outfits is completely different from what they have displayed on their website. Sometimes, the cuts and silhouettes are also unlike what they promised.

All in all, they have some hits and some misses. It is not the worst out there, but be careful in choosing what you order. Because if it looks like it is too good to be true…it probably is!


This was all about the fast-fashion brand Blush Mark. There are both good and subpar quality products, so it is important to see the client review photographs and go through the product description. Luckily it caters to all body types and is affordable. If you choose smartly, you might end up buying some amazing outfits for nominal prices. All you have to do is look for customer photos and classic pieces that will jazz up your wardrobe. At the same time, know your body shape and type, because the outfits might look good on the model and might fit you differently. It is all about your eye for detail! 


  • Who owns Blush Mark?

Blush Mark is the sister company of the direct-to-consumer bridal and bridesmaid dress company Azazie.

  • Where are Blush Mark products made?

Blush Mark products are mass-manufactured in China but they are designed in Los Angeles.

  • Does Blush Mark have free shipping?

Blush Mark provides free shipping for orders over $49. The price in Canadian Dollars and in France is CAD$88 and €39 respectively.

  • Who is Blush Mark’s brand ambassador?

That is the fun part— anyone can be a Blush Mark ambassador. Visit the “Become a Brand Ambassador” page on their website and follow the instructions they have provided. If you fall in their desired criteria for ambassador, chances are you might become one.

  • Does Blush Mark provide discounts?

Various discount websites like Student Beans provide discount codes for Blush Mark merchandise. Nonetheless, they do have seasonal sales, like the ongoing 80% off summer sale.

  • Does Blush Mark have a Plus-Size range?

Yes, there is a Plus Size section on their website, going all the way up to 4X in size. There is something for everybody!

  • How ethical is Blush Mark?

Unfortunately, just like other fast fashion brands, Blush Mark is known for exploitation, its lack of transparency, and zero accountability.

Blush Mark Review- Find More About It

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