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Babies come into the world giving full of joy to their families. So, when babies enter a family, their elder ones have responsibilities to take care of them. So, in order to take care of babies, there are various different things babies required. One of the things is a high chair, it is a kind of furniture which is used for feeding babies, for younger ones as well as for older ones. So, what happens is that this high chair is made in such a way that the seat of the baby is located at a high distance from the ground which is up to the height of an adult person which will help them to spoon-feed the baby very comfortably while standing. let’s read more about Boon High Chair Recall

Boon High Chair Recall

It has a wide base that increases the stability of the chair, and to the arms of the high chair there is a tray attached, which helps the adult person to put the food so, the child can eat it on their own or it can be a spoon-fed by the adult.

What Is A Recall Of Products And What Is A Boon High Chair Recall?

So, a product recall is a kind of service that is offered by the product owner and manufacturers or retailers in which they allow their product to be returned, exchanged, or replaced with a new sort of product. This is done because if any defective product causes any harm to the consumer, it may reduce the performance of the product or may cause any legal issue against the product.

Many companies have their own system named after the internal product recall team. The work of this team is to inform them of the safety uses of the product before it gets distributed. So the company boon has also this system for their high chair which ensured that before distributing to the retailer they are checked thoroughly to assure that the quality is good.

In case you have bought a Boon high chair which turned out to be faulty, then you can claim from the company for the recall. The process makes it formidable because you have to go through a long process to prove that your chair has been faulty by the manufacturer only.

Why this high chair is recalled?

More than a hundred kids’ toys and products are recalled on an average every year, because of being defective. As the legs cannot be disengaged from the seat, which causes fall and injury hazards, tens of thousands of babies’ high chairs were recalled from the popular baby companies.

What Is The Main Reason Behind Recalling The Boon High Chair?

The product which was been recalled was the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair. The reason behind the filling of a complaint is that the legs of the chair were not attached properly, which resulted in the chair falling, and this subjected the babies to possible kinds of injuries.

After having so many recalls claimed the company decided to cease the Boon Flair pedestal high chair. Thousands of appliances and baby toys are annually recalled, but baby high chair recalls are done for some of these particular reasons:- 

  1. There is a risk of the baby seat to be fall over.
  2. The youngster may fall out of their seat.

In the last four years, more than 6 baby boosters and high chairs were recalled. So, the quality control team and the watch group of Boon decided to work more on their products so, that they are being made of good quality and to be sure that they don’t cause any harm to the baby.

But there is the very rare case of the products is being unusable, which leads to their qualifying for recalls.

What is the process through which you can claim your Boon High Chair recall with the help of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)?

  1. So, first, log in to the official website CPSC recalls.
  2. Select the Consumer Products option.
  3. Now choose the Report Unsafe Product to CPSC option.
  4. There is a ‘Report unsafe Products’ banner and under it choose the “Report Now” option.
  5. Now follow the. Steps are shown on the screen and report the product you found unsafe.

Except for reporting unsafe products, this government website can do more. In their website you can search products to check their safety before purchasing them. 

This website permits you to recall any kind of product including: – 

  1. Cosmetics such as Nautica.
  2. Electronic appliances such as Syska.
  3. Sports and exercise equipment like Peloton.

What Is The Time Required For Getting A Recall Of The Product?

It is clearly mentioned in the consumer ACT that there will be a response within 30 days of the recall claim. They ensured that the owners of the companies would make arrangements for the compensation for the products within 30 days.

The CPSC Fast Track Recall Scheme compensates companies for quickly recalling potentially hazardous products from the market.


To conclude, the baby high chair is a very good product for feeding babies until and unless they harm the babies. So the government is helping those to recall the products to the manufacturer. If someone buys this high chair and finds it defective, the recall options will save them from loss.

Finally, the production of this product, the Boon Flair Pedestal high chair, has been halted because it was causing harm to babies.


  • Is the high chair a piece of good equipment for babies?

Yes, this is good because it keeps the babies to stay in one spot for feeding purposes, as we all know, babies are very naughty, they always love to move here and there.

  • Is Boon high chair still manufacturing baby high chairs?

No, the company has stopped making those products.

  • Is the recall option readily available?

Yes, the recall option can easily be available with the help of the government.

Boon High Chair Recall -Know More

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