Reasons Why Uber Eats Sucks

Most people admit that uber eats sucks. Few people have no idea about that, while many people have experienced bad service from them. Lets know Reasons Why Uber Eats Sucks.


Some people have no idea because they never used the app before. And if you haven’t tried uber eats yet, then be glad because you will be surprised to know what uber eats make the customers and drivers go through. 

Reasons Why UberEats Sucks

The reasons UberEats sucks, are gonna be discussed below. 

  1. Missing Order

There were many complaints from the UberEats customers that they often miss the items they ordered. Usually, in this case, the blame should go to the restaurants for not packing the order and leave out. 

But the responsibility is up to the driver who is supposed to deliver the order. He must make sure the orders are packaged perfectly while picking up. 

This procedure gets followed with UberEats as well. The delivery man is supposed to make sure that the order is correct. 

  1. Overprice

UberEats is overpriced for those who ordered confirmed. Moreover that they also demand service charges and tips at that high price. 

It’s a strategy to make more profit from each sale. But what they don’t understand is, their reputation is going down which could also bring loss to the busisness. 

The customers are very annoyed by their service, and the overprice on everything. If they don’t take any initiative to drop those prices low then the customers will move to other services. 

UberEats should put the fact in their head that if they wanna do business they have to put customers’ comfort and needs on top of their priority list. 

  1. Late Service

Ubereats is very slow in their service delivery. Their drivers are allowed by UberEats to take their time. 

The owner, should put some pressure on their drivers to deliver the order as early as possible to maintain the food quality. Otherwise, they will continue lagging in the delivery of the order in time.

The customers get always irritated by the Slow service. It’s not only that they deliver the food late, but they also keep lagging while taking the order. If this continues, the customers will abandon UberEats.

  1. Cold Food

As we were talking of, slow delivery and service take so long in UberEats. And so it’s obvious the food goes cold by the time it’s delivered. 

Well, some foods can be delivered hot by the minimum delivery time. This makes customers go mad to get the food cold which was supposed to be hot. No one prefers a cold-served meal.

These are the reality you might face if ordered from uber eats. You are gonna get served cold food after ordering. After so many complaints UberEats is not giving a damn to change their quality or anything for that manner. 

Including the driver, the whole service is extremely slow which makes the customers irritated. And that results in poor ratings.

  1. Poor Rating 

Ordering from UberEats could be one of your worst experiences, and working for them. Of the bad management of UberEats, the drivers suffer and get bad ratings. And for that UberEats, might fire the driver when the fault is in their management system. 

It’s a process that has been very usual for UberEats. People are always giving a poor ratings to their drivers, while drivers won’t be punished for these bad reviews.

But people need to analyze the fact, that they are just drivers who deliver food. The bad quality food and other bad services cant be fixed by the drivers. This kind of complaint shouldn’t be overviewed by UberEats and should be fixed.

  1. Choice Limit

Ubereats menu has very bounded choices. They have limited items to order from. The amount of price they tagged for the items they thought may come easy to your mind that their menu must be versatile. But in reality, their menu has limited items to offer. 

Not enough meals still they demand a high price for each item. It’s the kind of injustice they do to their customers. They need to gather together to take initiative to change this process of pricing and servicing. 

  1. Mistreating Drivers 

The driver of UberEats faces the most difficulties throughout the whole process. For the late deliveries, people accuse the drivers and give them bad ratings. 

But what they don’t get is that the food’s quality and smell have nothing to do with drivers. Their job is to just deliver the food to the destination. 

Sometimes UberEats makes its way out of the drivers blaming all the fault on them. And the drivers get in trouble for UberEats mismanagement. Sometimes for poor delivery, drivers get kicked out of the job and never get to work with UberEats. 


Uber eats should fix their poor service. Their rating is getting low day by day. If this continues, they might get out of the business. This is the reason why they suck. Because, they are doing nothing to fix their bad service.

Reasons Why Uber Eats Sucks

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