Can You Return Diapers To Target

Target is one of the leading retail outlets across The United States of America. Known for selling products ranging from; household products to food items to electronics, apparel, baby products, and much more, all placed under one roof. Target provides quality Diapers making it one of the most selling products for little ones. What if now you wanted to return the diapers due to buying the wrong size, or your child outgrew them and left with a sealed packet of diapers at home. To do so, you must understand how Target Returns works so that no misunderstanding occurs later. Lets know more about Can You Return Diapers To Target .

Can You Return Diapers To Target

According to Target’s diaper return policy 2022, Target accepts returns of sealed and unused diaper packets within the period of 90days after purchase. To return diaper packets, they should be in their original packing, and thus you need to show the purchase receipt or any confirmation of the purchase of that article made at Target. Returning diapers is made effortless by achieving two modes of return.

  1.  Instore Target Return
  2.  Mail Target Return

In-store Target Return

Target allows its customers to make returns and exchanges, so if you want to return the diaper pack, bring it back to the Target store from which you bought it and head to the Customer Service Desk. The salesperson will scan the receipt for a return barcode and give a full refund or return.

You can still make Target returns if you have lost your original receipt. Bring the diaper pack to the store, on which you will get a Target Merchandise Return Card that can only be used to make Instore purchases. 

Mail Target Return

Diapers can moreover be returned or exchanged at Target through the mail. Target provides free shipping to every target order returned. All you must do is log on to the Target website, select the item that needs to be returned along with the reason for return and select either you want to replace the item or make a refund. When these steps are complete, add your Target shipping address, and print the mailing label. Next, attach the return label on the packing and head to your nearest authorized UPS location. After Target receives the parcel, they will email and inform you when you can expect your refund or the exchanged item. 


Diapers can be returned or exchanged at Target if only the packet is sealed and unused. The return and exchange are to be made within 90 days of your purchase and come under Target’s return policy. Returns can also be made by going to the store or by mail. You need to have the original receipt to show validation of your purchase. After a thorough analysis, Target will inform you about your product refund

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I Return a Packet of Opened Diapers to Target?

Target accepts returns of opened and used packs of diapers within the purchase limit of 90 days. You need to have the original receipt of the purchased item. Diapers from brands like Huggies, Up&Up, Luvs, Pampers, and Honest can easily be exchanged or returned from Target even after being sealed open.

Since diapers are a hygienic article, they cannot be sold once opened. So despite maintaining customer satisfaction, Target takes on the loss by accepting opened diaper packets. 

Target does not compromise on one’s health; therefore, if your child gets an allergic reaction from a particular diaper brand, they will openly accept your return and offer you a full recovery or an option for exchange to any other diaper brand.

 Target accepts returns and refunds if the diapers are defective and not up to the buyers’ expectations. 

2- Will Target Return Diapers Without a Receipt? 

Target wants its customers to attain the full advantage of making their shopping experience pleasurable. Nevertheless, if you have lost your purchasing receipt, Target can still assist in creating a return or refund. In case of an online purchase, Target will extract your card details on which the purchase is made and will provide you with a merchandise return card. This card can be availed on in-store Target purchases only and cannot be redeemed on online Target purchases. To bring the merchandise return card to use, you will have to provide Target with a government picture identification for security purposes.

3- Can Diapers Be Returned After 90 Days?

Under certain circumstances, if you have crossed the 90 days return policy Target provides you with leverage to still be able to return the diapers. Still, you will get the lowest refund value of your item that was allotted in the last 90 days to a merchandise return card that can be availed in-store only. 

4- Can I Get the Diapers Exchanged for a Different Size?

Target offers its customers to easily exchange diapers only if the packet is sealed and is within the 90 days return period. If you have the original purchase receipt, you can easily exchange the diapers for a distinct size or brand without any problem.

5- Can I Return Diapers to a Different Target Store?

You can only return or exchange the diapers from the Target store you bought from. 

Can You Return Diapers To Target

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