Redbox Codes

Redbox is a retail kiosk that automatically rents out movies (in DVDs & Blu-rays) and video games to consumers and customers. Customers can simply operate the Redbox kiosk just like an ATM by selecting the movie/movies and/or the video games they want to buy, Paying for them with their debit or credit card, and collecting them from the provided slot after they must have been dispensed from the Redbox machine. Outside credit and debit cards, Redbox also allows customers to redeem movies from it using Redbox gift cards and Redbox codes.

Redbox Codes

Redbox codes are special characters (letters and/or digits) designed or created for customers to use as an alternative means of redeeming their desired movies and video games from the Redbox kiosk. These codes can either be purchased by a person on the Redbox website and gifted to another person, or they can be gifted to customers by Redbox directly. All Redbox codes, whether bought or received freely as a gift from Redbox, are limited to a one-time usage per code and a 1-day rental duration. 

In this article, we will explain how you can get Redbox codes and how you can use the codes to rent movies on the Redbox machine.

How to get Redbox codes by purchase

If you want to share your Redbox movie and gaming experience with someone not present in your immediate location, you can opt to send them a Redbox code instead. This code will grant them access to Redbox movies and video games at any Redbox automated kiosk around them. To do this, you’ll have to first buy the code from the Redbox website.

Redbox code costs $1.8 each. This price will get you a Redbox code that can be used to rent a DVD movie for a day. Redbox codes cost a bit more for Blu-ray and video game rentals, but you can use the $1.8 Redbox code to support your credit or debit card payment for such rentals.

You can also buy Redbox codes in packs of 5 to 50 (with some packs sold at a discounted price) if you plan to gift them to a good number of people. 

Buying Redbox codes online.

It is very easy to buy Redbox codes on the Redbox website. All you need to do is follow the simple steps presented below.

The steps to follow to purchase your Redbox codes from the Redbox website are:

1. Go to the Redbox gift websites, where you’ll find Redbox gift cards and codes.

2. Sign up or Sign in as promoted by the website

3. Go to the drop-down menu and select the option for “promo codes.”

4. Select the code type you want to buy (DVDs, Blu-rays, or video games) and put in the number of codes you’d like to get.

5. Request that they are sent to your email address so that you can access them easily.

6. Pay for them with your credit or debit card. And That is how easy it is to buy Redbox codes online. 

After you must have received the codes in your email, you can then distribute them to friends and family for their Redbox (movie and/or game rental) use.

How to get Redbox code gifts from Redbox

In a situation where you want to get Redbox codes for personal use, buying Redbox codes will make little to no sense because you can simply just pay for your Redbox rentals with your debit or credit card. But there are ways to get Redbox codes from Redbox as a gift -you won’t have to pay for them. These ways include

  1. Joining the Redbox perks program

If you are a member of this program, Redbox will gift you Redbox codes on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Redbox will also reward you with points on every rental you make, which can later be summed up and used to rent movies and games.

  1. Signing up for Redbox emails

If you sign up for Redbox email with Redbox, you’ll receive a first-timer Redbox code reward after confirming your email address. This code can be used to get a one-day free DVD rental. This way of receiving a free Redbox code is lovely because you can be gifted as many Redbox codes per email address you sign up with. Multiple email address sign-ups equal multiple Redbox codes rewards

How to use Redbox codes to rent movies from a Redbox retail machine

The steps required to rent movies from Redbox using its code are:

1. Go to a Redbox kiosk close to you and demand your movies

2. Select the movie/movies you want and add them to your cart

3. On your checkout, when prompted for payment, push the button that says “Promo Code.” 

4. Push in the code you want to use at the moment manually.

5. If you need the movie/movies for more than one night, you can use your debit or credit card to complete the payment for the rental of your movies.


Redbox Codes are an alternative way to get your one-day movie rentals, besides using your desired payment card to cover the payment. It can either be bought or received freely from Redbox, and you can be guaranteed to rent a movie for one day without charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Redbox codes reusable?

You are permitted to use a Redbox code once you’ve shown with a payment card that you are eligible to redeem movies. 

  1. Do Redbox codes expire?

This depends. Redbox codes are the same for everyone, which don’t expire (or rarely do), and others are unique to customers, which expire a week or two after receiving them.

Redbox Codes

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