College Students Freebies 

As a student, there are numerous ways you can have access to free stuff and I have taken the time to list some for you. often have the opportunity to get free stuff in many places. Although many students are unaware of them, they are there and ready to be taken up by them . Let us Know how to join in the College Students Freebies

1. Student Discount Card.

College Students Freebies

The student discount card is one way to cut down costs as a student. This card is used while you are shopping. You will get an automatic discount if you shop with your student card more often. This card can be used at different places like restaurants, gym memberships, museums, parks, or even on the internet. The only downside to this will be the issue of location. It is only available in certain places.

2. Zero Or No Fee Bank Accounts

These accounts are called student accounts. The usual monthly fee taken from your accounts will not be there if what you have is a student’s account.  It does not require a high account balance as the bank balance requirements of a student bank are low. Online banking is rather a good way if you want to save some money well as a student. 

3. Discounts On Groceries

On most campuses, discounts are given on daily purchases of groceries for students. Even in areas considered student areas,  free discounts on groceries are always given. 

4. Budgeting Membership.

An app called You Need A Budget, helps students who have the habit of spending a lot to manage their finances. It helps college students do this by giving them a free membership on their app and teaching them how to budget. It also has a goal tracking feature available to students for free. This is an opportunity to track your finances and bring them to a better place. It offers its members free to students as regards to the 84 dollars charged yearly.

5. SoftWare For Students.

A lot of software offer programs that are free for students. It is advised that before signing up and paying to access any software programs, make some research to see if they offer it free to students. If you are lucky then sign up with your student email for free and enjoy it. 

6. Amazon Student

You are probably not aware and have never heard of it but yes there is such a thing as

“Amazon student”. Bonuses like free prime delivery, Amazon music unlimited for less than a dollar a month, and limited prime student deals. There are other perks including a free twitch tv subscription as well as free video games and discounts. 

7. Music And TV Streaming Discount

Streaming music and shows on TV can be very expensive, that is something I can testify to. Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple music have been so kind as to give free discounts to students that need them. You can check their websites to see full details of the discounts and freebies they have available for students. 

8. LinkedIn Students And LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn is a very popular app where one can find business opportunities and also do some networking. They have a free course available to students to learn how to network, set up their profile, and get ready for the work environment.   They also have a great platform for learning with useful reserves for students. As a student, you can register on these platforms for free. 

9. Free Condoms And Health Supply 

Every campus has a health clinic made available for free to students. One of the things students enjoy the most will be free health care. Plus other basic things like feminine products, vitamins, cold medicines, and even condoms. 

10. Free Events

In college, a lot of events and programs are held and students are invited to attend these events freely. Not only on campus, but some events also held outside the campus are freely open to students who want to attend. 

11. Free Checkups 

Students have access to different kinds of free checkups on campus. Like dental checkups, ear checkups, and physiotherapy. These free checkup programs are helpful to a lot of students, especially the ones who need them. 

Another free thing is haircuts for students. If you are a student who is accessible to free haircuts, why not save money and get the most out of it. 


To access these freebies, you will have to have your student email address. It is with your student email address that you can get free stuff as a student. Of course, you will have to be identified as a student to be given free stuff. 

It is no doubt that many students struggle when in college and so would like to find ways to help then cut down on their expenses. Although, seeking out free stuff available to students will not entirely help them save a fortune, it is a good step in the right direction. Plus if you are a student and you have freebies available to you, why not make the most of it.

College Students Freebies 

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